Japan Day 13: Goodbye, Japan!

It’s been two and a half years since Son and I went to Japan with Rachael and her family, and it seems I never quite finished posting about the trip! Oops.

However, since I find it helpful to refer back to the trip (especially when other people ask for recommendations), and I hope you all find these posts interesting and informative, I’m going to post about the rest of the trip anyways! (And if any of you go to Japan, let me know! I love hearing about other peoples’ trips.)

All the previous posts from our 2012 Japan trip can be found here.


Our last day in Japan was a short one. We took the Shinkensen, all the way back to Tokyo.

Shinkensen back to Narita Airport

Leaving Kyoto


Allison on the train

Of course we had to have some snacks, on the way.

Son with the shumai chips

Shumai chips – odd, but addictive!

Shumai chips

Train conductor

Back in Tokyo

View of houses from the train

Goodbye, Japan! We hope to be back soon!

At the airport.  Goodbye Japan!

(P.S. I’m surprised I wasn’t charged an overweight fee for my bags – half the weight was from cookbooks alone!)

Final cookbook tally

5 thoughts on “Japan Day 13: Goodbye, Japan!”

  1. Mike -

    Some countries just stick with you longer. Like you have left a part of your soul behind, or even more importantly, you have discovered a part of your self there. Japan can be quite the place for spiritual enrichment.

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