Japan Day 11: Eating Osaka

It’s been two and a half years since Son and I went to Japan with Rachael and her family, and it seems I never quite finished posting about the trip! Oops.

However, since I find it helpful to refer back to the trip (especially when other people ask for recommendations), and I hope you all find these posts interesting and informative, I’m going to post about the rest of the trip anyways! (And if any of you go to Japan, let me know! I love hearing about other peoples’ trips.)

All the previous posts from our 2012 Japan trip can be found here.


Having forgotten to put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on our door the previous night, we were woken up at the very early hour of 10am by a housekeeper knocking at our door.

Yeah… we were still pretty exhausted from all the walking the day before.

Tuna onigiri

But since we were already up, may as well take full advantage of our second-to-last full day in Japan!

(After a quick breakfast of tuna onigiri, of course.)

Shinkensen tracks at Kyoto Station

We walked to Kyoto station, and took the Shinkensen to Shin-Osaka.

View from Fukushima station

From there, we couldn’t figure out where to go. Son wanted to go to the aquarium, but he also wanted to go to this “food street” he had heard about, and I wanted to go to a cookware street that my cousin had told me about… but unfortunately we only had a limited amount of time to see Osaka.

Fukushima station sign

Which pretty much meant we promptly got lost. Yeah, the Fukushima station was not where we were supposed to get off for any of the above destinations. Oops.

Fukushima station

Luckily the Japanese trains come by quite regularly, and the line we were on was very similar to the Yamanote Line in Tokyo, in that it just goes in one big circle around the city. So you can’t get too lost.

JR-Namba station tracks

Plus in the time we had to wait for the next train, we managed to figure out where we wanted to go.

Pretty soon we were on our way to the JR-Namba station.

Suica machine

JR-Namba Station

Outside JR-Namba Station

So which destination did we choose?

Walking along a main street in Osaka

Crossing the street to get to Dotonbori


Well, you know us.

Walking through a covered strip mall

Side street

Of COURSE we went with food.


Dotonbori is a street lining a canal in Osaka, and it’s famous as a food destination. There are restaurants all up and down the streets surrounding the canal. So. Much. Good. Food.

Ramen shop at Dotonbori


Our first stop was an okonomiyaki and takoyaki shop.


Osaka is known for its okonomiyaki and takoyaki, so this was a no-brainer.

View out the back of the okonomiyaki restaurant


We got eight takoyaki – four with worcestershire sauce, and four with shoyu. They were excellent, of course.

Allison eating takoyaki

Takoyaki inside


We also got a pork okonomiyaki (and when they say pork, they really mean bacon) with egg and scallops. Good stuff, man.

Allison eating

Posters inside the restaurant


Cutting the okonomiyaki

Serving the okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki close-up

Tables inside the restaurant

Outside of the restaurant

Outside of the resturant

Hawker outside of the restuarant

Then we wandered…

More restaurants

Pastry stall


Side street

Food stall

… right into another bookstore, where we bought a Japanese cookbook all about ice cream, and some Japanese cooking magazines.

No, we did not buy the Japanese version of Twilight, though the Japanese “Edward” on the cover is pretty amusing.

Twilight in Japanese

More wandering…

River and crazy ferris wheel

Another view straight down the river

… and more food, of course.

Crepe Ojisan


This time, a Japanese crepe with strawberry ice cream, pound cake, chocolate, and whipped cream.


View of the river from the other side of the ferris wheel

Then we headed back to a ramen place we had read about. Kinryu Ramen is easy to find – it’s the shop with the huge dragon coming out of it!

Ramen shop

Inside of the ramen shop

Allison in the ramen shop

Kinryu Ramen

Chashu in the ramen

After lunch part 2, (which was delicious, by the way), we tried to find our way to Doguyasuji – the cookware street.

Wandering Osaka, looking for Doguyasuji

Getting closer to Doguyasuji

On the way, we got distracted by ice cream. Again.

(But can you blame us? In Japan’s hot, humid summer, as much ice cream as possible is a must!

Pastry stand

Man making pastries

Another pastry stand

People dressed up as characters

This time, it was came in the form of a wafer filled with ice cream and red beans. Delicious

Wafer cookies filled with red bean paste and ice cream

People dressed up as characters

Allison with the wafer pastry

Wafer cookie with a bite taken out of it

A person dressed up as an old man character

And then… hey, look! We found Doguyasuji!

Found Doguyasuji!


Cat statue


I tell ya, this is food blogger heaven.

Allison, and lots of spoons

Tons of dishes

Knife shop

A food blogger's dream!

Side street

On our way back to the train station, we stopped at Choco Cro again, and bought a matcha daifuku croissant to snack on.

Choco Cro Matcha Daifuku Croissant

Inside of croissant

Reading one of our magazines on the train back to Kyoto

By the time we got back, the Kyoto Station CUBE was closed, so we picked up dinner at Family Mart again. (The best.)

Oh – and one more interesting thing you’ll find in Japan, but not in the US: oftentimes, disposable chopsticks come with a toothpick! How nifty is that?

Chopsticks come with a toothpick!

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  1. Joel -

    Watch out for those toothpicks, man do they do your finger a number.

    Your trip down Dotonbori needed way much more seafood 🙂