Japan Day 10, Part 3: In which we get lost, find ourselves, and then get lost again.

After spending the morning getting lost and the afternoon satisfying our wanderlust, we were hungry. Time to eat!

Red light district? on the other side of the river

We headed across the river, and found ourself on a large, busy street full of clothing stores and fast food. We could have stopped at a McDonald’s, or Burger King, or Subway (or even Baskin Robbins!), but we weren’t quite that hungry. (Although we did eat at a McDonald’s the first time we went to Japan (for our very first meal!) and it wasn’t *that* bad. Better than American McDonald’s, definitely.)

Large building by the river

Woman in a kimono

Instead we kept walking, and walking, and turned down another walking-only street, and hey wait a minute, something about this place looks familiar

Turns out we found our way over to the mall behind Nishiki Market without even realizing we were in the area!

This was a very good thing, because there are lots of good eats in this mall.

Gindaco - takoyaki restaurant

Worker making takoyaki

I’ve been on a takoyaki kick throughout the entire trip (and ever since we got home, too!) so when we found a takoyaki shop, of course we had to try it.


We ordered takoyaki covered in cheese and spicy roe mayo. Yes, it sounds weird, that’s partially why we got it – what’s the point of traveling if you don’t try all the weird foods you can’t get anywhere else? ^_^



However, as weird as it sounded, it was freaking delicious. I never, ever would have thought cheese atop takoyaki would be a good idea… but it turns out whomever thought of this is a genius.

All gone!

A little further into the mall, we found a place called Churro Star.

Menu at Churro Star

Sounded interesting, so of course we had to investigate.

Churro Star sign

Mall, near closing

Allison with the churro

We got a churro that came with something called “strawberry milk” – very interesting.

Close-up of the churro and strawberry milk

Dipping the churro in the strawberry milk

The churro was fantastic. The strawberry milk was… well, it had the texture of caramel, and tasted like a strawberry-flavored Hi-Chew. While you can’t ever go wrong with strawberry Hi-Chews, it was kind of a weird combination with the churro.

Churro with strawberry milk

More wandering…

Shop near Nishiki market

(Even the Subways there are nicer!)

Subway restaurant and cafe

Outdoor street in the mall

Lots of Chopper dolls

Then we found a sock store. With awesome socks. Yes, I had to buy some. Yes, I actually wear them. (The Totoro ones are my favorite.) ^_^


Sandwich case at Choco Cro

Before we left Tokyo, Rachael said we should definitely try Choco Cro. There was one in the mall by Nishiki Market, so we stopped in and bought one to go.

Pastries at Choco Cro

Matcha Daifuku Croissants at Choco Cro

Unfortunately by then, it was late enough that all the restaurants were closed. So we headed back to Kyoto Station… where got lost again… and by the time we found ourselves, everything was also closed.

River at night

Lit-up building in Gion

So we went back to our hotel, stopping at a Family Mart on the way.

Choco Cro

We ate the Choco Cro (chocolate croissant) back at our hotel, and it was delicious.

(Oh hai, Twitter!)

Choco Cro

Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a Family Mart dinner, yo.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – convenience store (combini) food in Japan is better than grocery store food in the US. Seriously good stuff.

Sushi, salad, zukemono, and ice cream. And then an Icy Hot bath. All that walking makes for a sore Allison…

Mango ice cream

5 thoughts on “Japan Day 10, Part 3: In which we get lost, find ourselves, and then get lost again.”

  1. Rachel -

    After looking at all these photos and salivating over all the food – I still can’t get past how CLEAN the streets are! Even the little side roads look like they’ve been pressure washed.

    Thanks for sharing these amazing photos. My husband and I are planning a trip to Japan 🙂

  2. Allison -

    Joel – 😀

    A_Boleyn – Hehe yeah, it was huge!

    Rachel – Yeah, all of Japan is SO CLEAN!!! It’s crazy, but so nice. Have a good trip… let me know if you have any questions! 🙂

  3. William -

    Sounds so fun. I tried something similar to strawberry milk once that was root beer flavored. A little icky in my opinion. If you’re ever in Cincinnati then try Ando Japanese Restaurant. They have a sushi bar and tables, etc. The food is awesome- try the sashimi and tempura combo bento box! The tekka don is also really good.