american roll

American Roll

This roll is pretty much a California Roll with the addition of shrimp. (Because obviously California plus shrimp equals America. Who knows how they came up with that one? I have no idea… I just make the sushi!)

This makes the roll seem a little more elegant(something you can serve to “polite company”?)

I got this roll from the Sushi Chart.

Makes 6 rolls, or 36-48 pieces.

Cooking Directions
  1. Cook sushi rice.
  2. Slice the avocado and cucumber into long, thin slices.
  3. Mix the imitation crab and mayonnaise, separating the crab pieces into flakes.
  4. Roll the sushi, using avocado, cucumber, imitation crab, and shrimp as your fillings.
  5. Serve with shoyu, wasabi, and ginger if desired. Even better, serve with cocktail sauce as you would a shrimp cocktail!

21 thoughts on “American Roll”

  1. Jason -

    Looks yummy!

    As for a roll I’d like to see, a friend of mine usually orders this everytime we’re at the sushi bar. It’s called a “Japanese Madonna.” It’s not on the menu and I have no idea how he knew about it. Very large roll that’s served warm. It tastes great but is quite a mouthful. I think there’s something crunchy in there, too.

  2. Yvo -

    You know what I used to really like? Hmm. There was this one restaurant that served something called a New York roll. I’ve seen other restaurants with a NY roll but this one had apple in it. I THINK it was shrimp with apple, but hey, why not make a roll with apple in it? Also, could you make a roll using banana (could be separate, could not, whatever you like) somehow? – He just had a banana roll that was terrible, so I was thinking how to make it better/good, and I thought of banana tempura with the wasabi mayo… but anyway.

    You should *cough cough* offer somehow of delivering/sending your leftovers to other people. Alas, I’m so far away it would be moot to do so, but *drool* I can dream, can’t I? πŸ™‚

  3. Allison -

    Jason – Thanks! That roll you are talking about seems really interesting! Do you know what is in it or what sushi bar you get it from? I tried searching for it online and couldn’t find anything about it. If we can figure out what goes in it then I will definitely try to make it!

    Yvo – I can always count on you to comment! πŸ™‚ Those two rolls sound really good… I’ll try them! Hehe yeah it would be great if I could send everyone sushi, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately I don’t think sushi would ship so well… it would probably be kind of icky by the time it got anywhere. :-/ I’ll definitely let everyone know if I ever travel to NYC though, maybe we could arrange a sushi making party or something! πŸ˜€

  4. Crazy Carl -

    It’s a real shame that you won’t show how to make any rolls involving fish. Are you so allergic that you can’t handle fish? Or are you personally limiting yourself to Sushi without fish because you intend to eat all the sushi you demonstrate for the site?

    Lots of us can eat fish and have money, so while you might not be able to make meals of all kinds of sushi, I’m sure many would appreciate very much if you could demonstrate or explain a wider range of sushi.

    Though of course for a personal blog, you’re allowed to do whatever you want! πŸ™‚ I’ll enjoy your posts whether or not you’re able to show us expensive/fishy sushi.

  5. Allison -

    No no no, it’s not that I won’t make rolls involving fish or won’t eat them. πŸ™‚ It’s just that since I’m not a professionally trained sushi chef and have never worked with fish before, I don’t think I could safely make rolls that use raw fish. πŸ™ I have made rolls before using other fish such as smoked salmon (see the Philadelphia Roll post). I do eat most of the rolls that I make (although the spicy ones I leave to Son), which is another reason why I don’t use raw fish yet, because I don’t want to kill myself or make myself really sick by preparing the fish wrong (that would be bad!) Someday I will definitely make rolls using raw fish and have a detailed post explaining how to safely prepare raw fish, but that will have to wait until I have the time and money to buy and learn to prepare sushi-grade fish.

    The reason why I won’t make rolls that have very expensive ingredients is because I don’t have the funds to buy these types of ingredients at the time. πŸ™ I’m still in college, and don’t have any sort of high paying job right now, so I just can’t afford to do that! In a few years when I’m out of college and am getting paid enough to be able to afford more expensive ingredients, I’ll definitely try making more expensive sushi.

    Luckily I plan to keep SushiDay around for quite a while, as I love making sushi! So stick around and eventually you’ll see a bigger variety of sushi posted here. πŸ™‚

  6. lordaDam -

    A lot of grocery stores carry frozen ahi tuna steaks. They are preserved with wood smoke, are vacuum sealed and are sashimi grade.

    If you have a fish market in your area call them up and ask if they have any sashimi grade fish. Anything sashimi grade is safe to eat raw as long as you use it the day you buy it.

    There are also websites where you can order frozen sashimi grade fish. The fish is usually processed and flash frozen on the boat killing off any possible microbes that may ruin your day (or week). The fish supposedly arrives frozen and is packed with dry ice. I have rolled sushi with flash frozen tuna before and the quality was better than a lot of fresh fish I have purchased.

  7. Allison -

    Thanks so much for the tip!! I will definitely look into that, and perhaps I’ll have sushi using raw fish up a lot sooner than I had thought! πŸ™‚

  8. Yvo -

    Hehehe, I always have a lot to say ;D and I love comments!!!

    Definitely, if you ever come to NYC, if not a sushi making party (my place is pretty small) at least a sushi eating meet up!

  9. Andrew -

    California Roll? It’ a bit of a rip-off from the Asian ‘rice paper rolls” isn’t it. I mean… seriously. You don’t go on a holiday to America to sample some of these delights.

  10. Allison -


    Of course you wouldn’t. If you want to vacation somewhere for the sushi, I’d say Japan’s a better place to go than America. But even if you did go to the U.S. for our sushi, there are an infinite amount of different rolls. Don’t take just one roll as representative of our entire sushi culture.

  11. Tracey -

    IÒ€ℒm a beginner in this big world of sushi making and I have to say that your website has helped me tremendously!! After spending $9 for sushi every other day, this website has kept money in my pocket and my belly full!

    I would love to see a Shaggy Dog recipe if at all possible!! ItÒ€ℒs one of my favorites and I canÒ€ℒt seem to find a recipe for it anywhere. IÒ€ℒm pretty sure I could probably sit down and figure it out, but with 2 young girls running around, I doubt I ever will!!

    Thank you in advance!!!

  12. Allison -

    I’m so glad I could be of help! Unfortunately I’ve never heard of the Shaggy Dog sushi roll, so unless I can get a description from you of what’s in it, I won’t be able to make it and post about it. Sorry!

  13. Kaaattie! -

    I would also LOVE to see a Shaggy Dog Roll!!
    It is:
    shrimp tempura, cucumbers & spicy mayo
    inside, covered with kani kama, spicy
    pepper paste & Japanese mayo
    and what is kani kama?

  14. Allison -

    Katie – I can certainly make something like that, it sounds good. πŸ™‚ I believe kani kama is another name for imitation crab.

    Mindy – I have heard of them, though never tried their fish. Another one that I’ve heard is good, but haven’t yet tried, is I Love Blue Sea.

    Gabby and scoob – Thanks!

  15. Sabrina -

    I LOVE the Shaggy Dog Roll of Naruto’s in Auburn, AL. While attending Tuskegee University in the neighboring Macon county, I became addicted to it. I was tempted to work for them to figure out how to make it.

  16. Sushi Fish -

    I was at a sushi restaurant and they used thinly sliced cucumber instead of nori to make a sushi roll. I would love to see a recipe and photos with this substitution. I hadn’t really seen it before, so I’m sure it’d be interesting!