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Other sushi includes types of sushi that don’t quite fit in so well to the other categories. This includes inari-zushi and sumeshi, the sushi rice.

Tuna Cucumber Watermelon

<p>These are cute little tuna appetizers made to look like watermelons. Great for parties, they make perfect finger-food, and are much less work than making a whole bunch of sushi for a party! Not to mention, they are delicious!</p> <p>This recipe has a lot of contrasting flavors. The cool of the cucumber versus the heat of the Siracha sauce. The soft, yielding texture of the tuna, as opposed to the snappy

Orange-Flavored Mochi

<p>Lately, I've really been wanting to participate in more food blogging events, but I've refrained because the don't fit into the theme of Sushi Day, and I don't want too much non-sushi randomness on here. I would love to cook and bake more but, well, I'll save that for when I have a more general food blog. (Which is hopefully coming soon!) However, when I saw the theme for this month's

spicy hamachi gunkan maki

Spicy Hamachi Gunkan Maki

I love yellowtail. We all know that. You might also know that I love the mayonnaise mix that I used in the Maguro Karakuchi Spicy Tuna Roll. (I put it in tuna salad, and I’m seriously considering hard-boiling some eggs and putting it in egg salad!) So of course, I had to see what happened

Cheese Age

<p>I first introduced you to Cheese Age waaaay back when I first tried them at Honda-Ya for Son's birthday. Yeah, I'm a bit behind in my posts, can you tell? :D Anyways, I promised you I would try making them and then write a post about them... and I did! Make them anyways. I made them for my great-aunt's Christmas party the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and they were a

Japanese Potato Salad

<p>A couple of months ago, I was offered a cookbook called <a href="">Harumi's Japanese Home Cooking, by Harumi Kurihara</a>, to review and try recipes from. Of course, I have been so swamped lately, I have barely had time to make sushi, let alone review a cookbook. Finally, I had some time to look through it and flag a few recipes I wanted to try. This coincided perfectly with Yvo's <a href="">Bento

Does This Make My Lunch Look Phat?

<p>About a month ago, <a href="">Yvo from Feisty Foodie</a> announced <a href="">"Does This Make My Lunch Look Phat?</a>, a contest on her blog. She makes a bento for lunch every day, so her contest is to create a bento box and blog about it. I was super excited when I heard about this... I have loved looking at all her different daily bento boxes, and have wanted to make my own for

Stuffed Somen Salad

<p>Every year the weekend of Thanksgiving, my Japanese great aunts throw a huge Christmas party. The entire family is invited, so it's a huge day of craziness, fun, and tons of really good Japanese food. I have fond memories of eating sushi and somen salad (somen is a type of Japanese noodle) and watching while all the adults played white elephant. Unfortunately, once I started performing Nutcracker every year the party

Independence Day Sushi Parfait

<p>Happy Independence Day! I hope everyone is having a fun Fourth of July celebration! Well, my American readers anyways. Sorry everyone else. :( Now don't get mad at me, because I <em>know</em> this isn't really sushi, or even that close, but I'm going to post it anyways! Because I can. :D </p>

Inari Con Gambas Al Ajillo

<p>On Father's Day, after I was finished making the sushi, my mom made <i>tapas</i>. My sister always requests them, because she went to Spain over spring break on a trip with some of her teachers and classmates from her high school.</p>