Super Bowl Rock N’ Roll

This roll is a wonderful snack roll, perfect for game day! Another of our wonderful readers, <a href="">Ralph Whitbeck</a>, came up with the idea for this roll (Thanks, Ralph! :D )

Monkey maki

Monkey Maki

Monkey Maki!!! I love the name - I was cracking up! Yes, I'm a dork. :D This fabulous recipe was thought up by my wonderful reader, <a href="">Yvo</a>, and I must say it turned out pretty darn well! (Thanks so much, <a href="">Yvo</a>! :D )

How to Make Tempura

Several people have requested a tempura recipe, so here you go! This will work for most any type of tempura, from shrimp to vegetables, and even bananas!

Deviled Egg Sushi

The deviled egg. A popular party appetizer. Delicious, everyone loves them, but they are so difficult to transport! They slip and slide around the container and make a huge mess! So what are we to do? Make Deviled Egg Sushi, that's what! It's flat on the bottom so it won't roll around, and tastes just as good (if not better) than any regular deviled egg!

Flank Steak Sushi

This flank steak recipe is one that my mom has used for ages, and I have always <em>loved</em> it! I used to always ask my mom to make it for dinner, but now that I'm all grown up I don't get her home cooked meals anymore!

Plenty of Oshizushi

So now that you know how to make oshizushi, it's time to make some! You can use most ingredients in oshizushi, although squishier ingredients work better since they can compress very nicely. Here are some of the creations we tried...

How to make Oshizushi

Oshizushi is a type of sushi that uses a small wooden box to press the sushi into little rectangles. It's a lot of fun to press the sushi, especially since there are so many different combinations you can make (As you can see, we went a little overboard ;) ).

blt maki

BLT Maki

This roll is my sushi version of the classic BLT sandwich. I used to love BLT sandwiches, except that I don’t like tomato – so mine always ended up being BL_ sandwiches. 😛 This roll turned out tasting pretty darn good! I think it’s even better tasting than the sandwich… but then of course, I’m