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Turmeric eggs with bacon, yogurt, and kale

I came from a perfectly happy family. I had a normal, happy childhood. Nothing traumatizing. I like to think I was a perfectly normal child. Except that in kindergarten, during playtime, when all my friends would want to play house, I would lay on my back under the little dining room table, and happily proclaim

Winter vegetable soup

Feeding people is my love language. And I don’t just mean shoving food in someone’s face. For me, it’s all about making them feel cared for. Knowing that their allergies or dietary choices are going to be respected. Feeling like it’s safe for them to eat without judgement or fear of bad reactions. Whenever I

Creamy Chickpeas with Runny Eggs and Prosciutto

My mother is an extremely crafty woman. And I don’t mean sly, I mean she is ridiculously good at making things, and I have always aspired to her level of creativity. When I was in first grade, she made barrettes for my hair. She’d use different types of ribbon and curl it or tie it

Sticky Toffee Pancakes

Every other day, it was cereal for breakfast, but Sundays were “Special Breakfast” days in our family. The vast majority of the time it would start with the ever-present box of Bisquick – as kids, we would stand on the wooden stepstool my dad built, and crank the eggbeater to help dad mix the batter

Curry Grilled Cheese

The summer before I was set to start kindergarten, my dad came home from work one day looking alarmed. “The school is on fire!” Someone – a student, I think – had set the kindergarten building on fire. And I was absolutely DEVASTATED – I thought that meant I wasn’t going to get to go

Jalapeño poppers

I was 18 when I discovered I was lactose intolerant. It was New Year’s Eve, and I was at my parents’ house, and the guy I was dating at the time was there with me. We had been eating appetizers all evening long – especially my mom’s spinach dip, which is my favorite thing ever.

Savory crispy kugel cups

When I was a child, I vowed that I was going to read every single book in my little local library. Unsurprisingly I never quite managed that, but this library was my absolute favorite place. I come from a family of readers. Every weekend from when we were little, we’d go to their weekly reading

Treet and Eggs

What is something that seemed like the absolute height of luxury when you were younger? For me, it was owning a house with stairs. My grandparents on my dad’s side had a big house with citrus trees and a pool, and potpurri in the guest bedrooms, but most importantly, they had stairs. These stairs were

Lemon Dill Salmon

As unrealistic as it may be, I never really gave up on my dream of dancing professionally. It’s just… evolved over the years. As a teen, I wanted to dance in a major ballet company. ABT, LINES Ballet, here I come! By college, I had realized that I would never be that good (and was