Sakura kazari sushi

Round, and round, and round…

We watched the man run his endless laps, anxiously waiting for him to leave.

When we were finally alone in the park, Son turned to me – “do I have to get down on my knee?”

I laughed and told him yes, but just as he was about to scoot off the bench-


One of the massive cruiseships from which plagues of tourists descend upon Venice everyday blasted its horn into the sunset, as a couple of small tugboats pulled it back out to sea.

But he knows me – and that I was never the kind of girl who would want a public proposal.

And besides – what’s a few more minutes after nine years of waiting?

So we sat on the bench, and laughed at how painfully slow the cruise ship was going…

and he got down on one knee as the sun set over the waters surrounding Venice.

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