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He gave me a ring for my birthday, the year he asked me out.

“It’s not an engagement ring,” he insisted. “It’s just a ring.”

It may not have been intended as an engagement ring, but it was more than “just” a ring. A plain silver band, with “AlliSon” and the date of our anniversary inscribed inside, I wore it every day – and then constantly had to explain to my friends and family that, no, we’re not engaged yet, it’s just a ring.

“Soon,” he would tell me. “I’ll propose soon.”

The man has a funny definition of “soon”.

He didn’t propose that year, nor the year after that.

Nor the next year, nor the next year…

in fact, it took him NINE WHOLE YEARS before that boy got down on his knee.

But that… heh… that’s a story for next time…

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