Bagel with smoked salmon

Some of you have told me that I’m such an interesting person, which is so sweet but also so funny to me because up until recently, I would have told you I’m not interesting at all. I have no good stories. There’s nothing in my life worth talking about.

And I 100% believed that.

I am very quiet in person. I find it extremely difficult to talk about myself – or at all – around other people.

Seriously, I’ve always been so bad at storytelling, and at coming off as interesting, that my own freaking husband is constantly telling me how surprised he is that I have so many stories to tell.

A lot of you are probably like me – you think that you’re completely uninteresting.

But the thing is, we all have a story.

Feelings felt, lessons learned, experiences experienced.

So… start telling your story. I guarantee you’re more interesting than you think.

A few times a year, I treat myself to smoked salmon, buy some bagels, and make this as a “fancy” breakfast.

It’s a bit much for me to eat all the time, but I never get sick of it as a treat!

Bagel with smoked salmon

  • toasted bagel
  • cream cheese
  • smoked salmon
  • thinly sliced red onion
  • dill
  • capers
Cooking Directions
  1. Toast bagel to your preferred toastiness. Spread with cream cheese. Top with smoked salmon, thinly sliced red onions, dill, and capers. Enjoy!

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