The BEST homemade hot chocolate mix

I grew up in a family that were big fans of ice skating. Fellow Japanese-American Kristi Yamaguchi was our hero, and seeing Stars on Ice at the Forum as it came through LA every year was an important annual tradition.

In middle school, I decided I wanted to take ice skating lessons, so off we went every Friday after school to the rink. I loved zooming around the rink as fast as I could go, and quickly got good enough at gliding in an arabesque to show off at my school’s annual ice skating fundraiser event.

But anything beyond that? NOPE. I hated how big and unwieldy ice skates were, and crossing one foot over the other to go around a curve?! seemed like a completely unreasonable ask.

And don’t even get me started on jumping from one foot to another. I never even got close to doing the kinds of tricks Kristi could do.

In ice skating, and in life – I always let fear hold me back far too much.

This is the second year in a row that I’ve made this hot chocolate mix to give to my family around the holidays, because it’s such a huge hit!

It’s incredibly good, but I really love that it’s neither cloyingly sweet nor so rich that it immediately makes you want to take a nap.

Personally I’m not typically a fan of the types of hot chocolate made with actual chocolate bars, because they tend to be so thick and overwhelming to me.

But this? This is my perfect hot chocolate.

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

from Serious Eats

  • 6 oz moderately toasted sugar (about 1 cup minus 2 tbsp; 170g)
  • 5 oz white chocolate, 30 to 35% cocoa butter (about 3/4 cup, finely chopped; 140g)
  • 4 oz dark chocolate, 75 to 80% cocoa solids (about 2/3 cup, finely chopped; 115g)
  • 3 oz Cacao Barry Extra Brute (about 1 cup; 85g)
  • 2 oz malted milk powder (about 1/2 cup; 55g)
  • 1 tsp instant espresso powder
  • 1 tsp (4g) Diamond Crystal kosher salt
  • 1/2 tsp pure ground vanilla bean powder or 1 leftover vanilla pod
Cooking Directions
  1. In the bowl of a food processor, combine toasted sugar, white chocolate, dark chocolate, Dutch cocoa, malted milk powder, instant espresso, salt, and vanilla powder (if using). Pulse until chocolate is fully ground and mixture looks powdery and dry. Transfer to airtight container and add the leftover vanilla bean pod (if using). Store at cool room temperature up until the date stamped on the package of white chocolate.
  2. To use, stir about 1 ounce (2 tbsp; 28g) of the mix into 6 oz hot milk. Season to taste with additional salt or vanilla, and serve hot.

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