Triforce Sushi

When Son finally tried to ask me out again, at first I tried to find every possible excuse to say no.

Not because I didn’t want to, but because I’ve been a shy, awkward, anxious person all my life and HOLY SHIT HOT GUY ASKING ME OUT, TIME TO PANIC, WHAT DO I DO.

Um, um, um, what excuses can I use to get out of it…

“Oh… I can’t that weekend, I have a show!” I actually did have a performance scheduled with an old dance partner, but CONVENIENT EXCUSE AMIRITE?

But despite having kind of temporarily given up on me a few months before, ya boi is nothing if not persistant. And despite my excuses – we soon had a date scheduled after one of our ballroom rehearsals.

… which I will talk about… IN THE NEXT EPISODE.

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