PS5 Kazari Sushi

I talk about this a lot, and I will keep bringing it up because I think it’s something that’s really important – I’m always telling people, “Post your shitty art.”

And this is because, if you’re so afraid of making shitty art, you will never even start, and then your good art will never exist because you’re so afraid of the shitty ones.

But also, if you’re posting your shitty art, your worst stuff is already out there. You can’t really be afraid of posting your good stuff because you know you already posted some bad stuff. So it kind of takes a lot of that pressure off.

Plus it makes you human – no matter how good you get, you’re still going to produce some stuff every now and then that’s total trash – and I think it helps people, to know that none of us are perfect.

So… this is a PS5. Somebody requested in the comments that I make a PS5, and this is try number three and they were all trash. So this is what you get. ?

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