vegan ramen

Creamy miso vegan ramen

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For almost a year now, I’ve been promising to make vegan ramen for one of my friends, and keep failing to deliver. *facepalm* I’m a bad friend.

But I finally found a time that worked for both of us, and got it on the schedule – definitely not cancelling this time!

I just wish I hadn’t waited so long… this amazing vegan miso ramen was just as amazing as normal ramen (the toppings! the garlicky, creamy broth!), without the feeling like shit after because regular ramen’s so heavy and fatty.

vegan ramen

A creamy, garlicky miso broth, chewy ramen noodles, flavorful shoyu mushrooms, hearty togarashi sweet potato, and nutty sesame eggplant… all the components made for a delicious, satisfying vegan ramen.

We also decided to sous-vide some eggs (50 min at 62.5°C for the perfect soft-boiled egg!), which made the (now not-so-vegan) ramen even more amazing.

All in all, I highly recommend this recipe to both vegans and carnivores alike – it’s worth the work! I just wish we had made more… we gave half to my friend, and ate up the rest right after the stream!

vegan ramen

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