Mitsuwa Kyushu and Okinawa Fair

Ramen shop

It’s time for another Mitsuwa fair, and all of the delicious things that comes with it!

This past weekend they had their Kyushu and Okinawa Fair at the Torrance, Costa Mesa, and San Diego stores. (If you’re near San Jose, Chicago, or New Jersey, check out their event page – the fair is in those cities this upcoming Thursday through Sunday!)

Condiments for ramen

As usual, they had a guest ramen shop visiting from Japan. This time, it was “Tanaka Shoten” with their “Hakata Nagahama Ramen”.


We loved the light flavor of the broth, and the chashu was flavorful and just fell apart in your mouth.

They also offered a rice bowl topped with spicy cod roe, which Son loved.

Spicy cod roe rice bowl

We loved everything so much, we came back two days later for two more bowls of ramen and another rice bowl!

Allison eating the ramen

One very cool part about these Mitsuwa fairs is getting to see all of the interesting products they import from Japan just for the fair.

Allison shopping

Since this was an Okinawa fair, there were quite a few sweet potato products, including purple sweet potato somen (you can expect to see a recipe using that one of these days!) and sweet potato sticks.

Strawberry pudding cream puff stand

They also had “Pie Fresh AMAO strawberry Pudding on Choux” from “Kikuya” from the Oita Prefecture.

Strawberry cream puffs

They were interesting – custard and a flan-like strawberry pudding inside a cream puff.

Allison shopping

The caramel sauce was a little too bitter for my tastes, but aside from that they were delicious.

Sushi stand

They also had various types of sushi rolls, including mackerel sushi (which we didn’t try), and the Genkai Roll Sushi.

Sushi packaging

Japanese packaging is always so pretty!


The Genkai Roll was delicious. The fillings in the roll included anago, shrimp, crab, cucumber, tamago, and mushrooms.


Crepe stand

And, of course, we can never resist Japanese crepes!

Allison with the crepe

Since they had a “purple yam special” crepe, we obviously had to try it.

Purple sweet potato crepe

A little too potato-ey for our tastes (we would have expected them to sweeten the purple sweet potato puree just a bit), but it sure does look nice, doesn’t it?

Purple sweet potato crepe

Want to know when the next Mitsuwa fair is? Check out their event page (the next fair is in just a few weeks!), or follow me on Twitter or Instagram – I always post photos when I go!