New Year’s Sushi – Our first video!

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to do a video or two on Sushi Day.

And as I’ve mentioned in years past, New Year’s day is a huge sushi day for the Japanese side of my family.

So Son and I figured, why not combine the two?

Without further ado… our first Sushi Day video! Straight from my itsy bitsy kitchen, on New Year’s morning 2011.

(Note: if you’re outside of the US and can’t see the video, you can try watching it on Vimeo.)

Silly, yes. But aren’t I always? It was definitely a fun little video to put together, even if I was really rushed trying to do a video and roll all twenty rolls of sushi for my family’s New Year’s celebration at the same time.

(That photo was of half of the final result.)

So what did you guys think? Was it awesome… or did it totally suck? Would you like to see any more videos here on Sushi Day? (Or should I not quit my day job? ~_^) And if you would like to see more, what sort of videos would you like to see? …I’m completely open to suggestions. ^_^

Also, congratulations to Btrflywmn, who was the winner of last week’s sustainable seafood contest!

22 thoughts on “New Year’s Sushi – Our first video!”

  1. michael -

    Great first video! I think having videos along with your regular articles is a great idea. The pictures are fabulous, but many times instructional videos can say so much more. And also include useful side tips that may not be in a regular article, like the water to help the nori stick better. Regarding the type of videos, I think stuff just like what you posted here would be great: instructional presentations of some of the great creations you’ve shared with us on the site.

  2. Emily -

    Love the video! I agree with Michael, more instructional videos. I found your blog 2 years ago, you inspired me to try making sushi at home, with great success. I think the videos would give even more people that same inspiration.

    Keep the great recipes, articles, and videos coming!

  3. Felix -

    unfortunately the video is not available in germany. it says: this video contains content of UMG. it is not available in your country 🙁


    love the video thanks so much for sharing!….I would like to see how to make TAMAGO if you would please…thanks happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where sushi day is all year around!

  5. Lara -

    I couldn’t tell from the video but are you wrapping your bamboo mat in the freezer bag or is the mat just sitting on top of the freezer bag to help with the rolling? Cause I think it would be a great clean-up tip to put the mat in the bag rather than wrap the mat with saran wrap each time you want to make the sushi and then pitch all that saran wrap.

  6. Donna Crisler -

    I really enjoyed your video! I’ve made sushi a few times and your site has given me some new ideas. You made it look SO easy and “doable” in your video!! You definitely should share these to encourage more people to give this wonderful food a try in their own homes. Congrats!

  7. Allison -

    Wow, thanks everyone! I’m so happy to hear you all liked the video! Your ideas for more videos are all great… we’re definitely going to try to do more, when we have time.

    Felix – We uploaded it to Vimeo as well, so you can try this link and hopefully it will work for you:

    Lara – Yes, I always put my rolling mat in a gallon-size ziplock bag before I roll sushi. Thanks for the reminder though, I just realized I need to update my how-to posts to say that. 🙂

  8. Brian -

    Your first video was great, and I hope to see more. Anything related to sushi that you “take for granted” would make good fodder for how-to videos; rolling the sushi, different types of rolls, slicing and prep work, etc. Thanks for the hard work!

  9. peabody -

    I love the tip about the ziplock bag that the reader commented on. Granted the only sushi I will most likely make is dessert sushi, but still. It all looks yummy.

  10. Kellie -

    Awesome! Loved the video (it’s Feb 6 and I only just got to check it out). It was so good. Very informative. I’d love to see more, Allison!

  11. chefJeff -

    Great job on the video. I plan to try the scallop sushi. One question…. what was the sauce you added to the crab meat and mayo? Thanks….