Sustainable New Year’s Sushi, Anyone? (A contest!)

As I’ve mentioned in years past, sushi is a big tradition for my family (and many other Japanese families) on New Year’s day. (Gosh, I look so young in that post! No laughing.) I can’t remember a single year that we haven’t had some sort of sushi on New Year’s. And ever since I started Sushi Day four years ago, I’ve been the one to provide the sushi for my family.

So every year, this means buying a bunch of fish for my family. Nowadays, I try to be sustainable as I can. But I know as well as anybody how hard that can be when Japanese supermarkets stock so many types of unsustainable seafood on their shelves.

Because of that, I’m sure you can guess where I plan on buying my New Year’s sashimi this year. You know I’m a huge fan of I Love Blue Sea – I really can’t say enough good things about them. Their fish is fresh and delicious, and the entire experience of buying from them is fantastic.

For a while, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to get from them for New Year’s… maybe I would introduce my family to their delicious arctic char, or how about something even more unfamiliar, like black cod? Lucky for me, the guys at I Love Blue Sea have made things really easy for us – they put together a special sashimi package, which includes a pound each of arctic char, ahi tuna, and scallops. (Plus a tub of gari – pickled sushi ginger.) That will be more than enough to feed my whole extended family, and it’s a perfect variety so we won’t have too much of one type of fish.

I already ordered mine, and if you want one, there’s still time! Order by the evening of Wednesday, December 29th, and choose a shipment date of December 30th, so it will arrive on the 31st. Just in time for New Year’s!

(Don’t worry, they’re not paying me or even asking me to say any of this. I just really, really love their company and their seafood. Plus, they sent me photos of all of them wearing Sushi Day shirts. See how awesome they are? ^_^)

To top it all off, I talked to them the other day, and got the coolest hookup for you guys. One of you lucky people are going to get to win a sashimi package! (That’s an $80 value, including shipping costs!)

So I’m sure you’re wondering now, what do you have to do to win? Well, there are three easy ways to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post, and tell me what your New Year’s traditions are.
  2. “Like” Sushi Day and I Love Blue Sea on Facebook, then come back and leave a separate comment to say that you did.
  3. Tweet this: “Like sushi? I just entered to win $80 worth of sustainable seafood from @sushiday … you can too!”, then come back and leave a separate comment to say that you did.

Unfortunately, because this is a perishable product, entries are restricted to people with mailing addresses in the contiguous 48 states of the US (sorry Alaska, Hawaii, and everyone outside of the US!). The contest ends at 11:59PM PST on Monday, December 28. One entry per person for each of the three options (up to three entries per person). The winner will be selected randomly.

Good luck!

52 thoughts on “Sustainable New Year’s Sushi, Anyone? (A contest!)”

  1. Pam -

    Wow! This is a great contest! For New Years we usually have a bunch of seafood, including lobster and clams, and various accompaniments. Would love to win this package. We will have 8 people, all who love sushi!

  2. Amanda Punsalan -

    We usually do nothing special on New Years. I make clam dip, and we watch the fireworks on tv. Maybe it’s time for a new tradition?

  3. Lucia -

    NYE Tradition, as the clock strikes 12 eat a grape for every chime saying a different wish everytime.

    12 wishes for the new year!

    (Ding) “Health”…eats one grape…(Ding) “Love”…eats one grape…(Ding) …”eats one grape…(Ding) “Sushi”…eats one grape…and so on 🙂

    I liked you both…Sushi Day and I love Blue Sea 😀

  4. Btrflywmn -

    We spend Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas morning with my in-laws. Cooking both days is alot of work.

  5. David Schafer -

    My tradition is going out to a temple to pray for good luck in the coming year. Then we go out to a sushi buffet and stuff ourselves. Lots of fun!

    Tweeted and followed @therealzombine

  6. Yvonne V. -

    Up until now my family has not had any traditions, but my mother has decided to do a Japanese New Year’s meal as a way to remember my grandmother and teach my brother and I what she had growing up. I’m so excited about it!

  7. Yvo -

    Hmm… we don’t have any New Year’s traditions… I guess cuz every year we’re doing something different. I’ve been looking to get one together since I basically have a tradition for everything else… Xmas morning, for example, I make breakfast for everyone. The fam just wants normal stuff but I try to make something new and exciting every year… I wanted to make puff pastry shells filled with smoked salmon & cream cheese scrambled eggs this year but no one seems too thrilled with that. Oh well.

  8. Fuji Mama -

    Our traditions seem to depend on the place we’re visiting each year! I’m determined to have a year at home though, so that I can make a traditional Japanese meal, osechi and all!

  9. clara -

    for new year’s, I make sure to go through my closet to pick clothes to give away for donation. it’s a great way to help less fortunate people and cleaninng the house is super relaxing.

  10. Livia -

    I don’t have many New Years traditions. I often get a small neighborhood fireworks display I can watch from my back porch sipping scotch, and then in the morning (since everything is closed) I go back over the previous year’s blog posts and update my tags.

    Sexy, huh?

  11. jamie -

    I tweeted ! It’s almost Christmas, and Sushiday has caused me to have visions of sushi and sashimi dancing in my head. Ok I really need to win this contest!

  12. jamie -

    So without any delay, what traditions do I have on NYD…you say? Back in the day, I use to go out with friends to parties drink,dance, and sometimes look at the f-works. . I always used to call up my mother and wish her HNY. I gave that up…she never complained though.Things have changed…I met my bride, and have two beautiful kids Mia -9and Giovanni -7. We veg.maki rolls and do family stuff games and a movie. I live in Rochester, NY ,and you can’t eat the fish from the Great Lakes. So, I’m very excited for the chance at your contest. To make some great sushi with your help would really ring in the New Year! Best wishes,


  13. Kat -

    Watching the Rose Parade (All those gorgeous floats!) and eating homemade coffee cake with my son and then calling friends and relatives to wish them happy new year!

  14. Stephanie -

    Great contest and company! Well for my New Years tradition, I have a big Hispanic family so we usually all gather together and throw a big party with tons of salsa dancing and great Venezuelan food…but I definitely wouldn’t mind adding a bit of sushi to the mix! 😉

  15. Rai -

    New Year’s wouldn’t be as awesome without some amazing food! We usually play Monopoly and eat clams, snow crab, lobster and of course…sushi!

  16. Erin -

    Our New Year’s tradition is to watch football and for me to knit something. 🙂 That’s about it. Well, I also call my brother to wish him a happy birthday right after the ball drops!

  17. Stacy Kong -

    Our New Year’s tradition is to really do nothing, but relax and hang out with the family. This year, my daughter and I plan to make sushi for the very first time. Here’s to hoping that it will be a tradition we can start and carry on.

  18. Kelley -

    My family has a now 35 year old tradition (started the New years just before I turned a year old) of going out for Chinese dinner. It started out with just my parents and I, then my brother came along, and now it has grown to 20 plus extended family members and friends! We’ve never missed a year:)

  19. Kelley -

    Also, I just tweeted! Hoping to win….I’ve been craving sashimi, and the closest sushi grade fish is an hour drive from my house! I’ve always said that I I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life it would be sushi and sashimi!

  20. Renee -

    First, Dec. 28 is Tuesday not Monday. So did the contest end yesterday or does it end today?

    For our New Year’s tradition we have fish and dish. I bring fish, guests bring a dish or a story to tell.

  21. Natalia -

    For New Years Eve, my family always gets together for an Argentine style Asado – red wine, rolling fire, good conversation, and slow cooked grass-fed beef. After all that meat, I will definitely be needing some delicious fish!!!

    FYI – just liked both pages on Facebook 🙂