Tokyo, Japan: Tsukiji Fish Market and the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

Me in the hotel hall before Tsukiji Fish Market

Our fifth day in Japan was one of the longest, and also by far one of my absolute favorite days there. You’ll see why in a moment… 😀

We got up early, and headed out to the Tsukiji Fish Market.

Stalls at Tsukiji


Scooter just inside Tsukiji



Wait a minute…

Lots of Sashimi for sale

So we, being the silly confused tourists that we were… got lost. Well, not entirely. We were in the right general area, but we ended up going to the “Shops and Restaurants” section of the market… not to the actual fish market itself.

I actually think we were there too late to see anything very interesting at the fish market, and the tuna auctions were closed to the public anyways. *sigh* Next time, maybe?

Me at Tsukiji Fish Market shops and restaurants area

So instead, we went to get sushi for lunch.

Sushi menu outside the restaurant

Sushizanmai Restaurant

Sushi bar

Rolling a hand roll

I was a very, very bad girl.

Lots of tuna


Preparing sushi


Grilled tuna


Nigiri and crab paste gunkan

Catching a fish

Middle-fatty tuna

But… to be fair, I almost never, ever eat tuna. Ever. And I figure this is the kind of thing that I should try once, since I was at the fish market in Japan!, but obviously won’t be doing on a regular basis. Even if I go back to Japan.

Three different tuna nigiri

You forgive me, right?

Preparing boat of sushi


After lunch, we explored the shops a little more.


Wares at Tsukiji

We bought lots of nori and a few rolling mats (that I’m giving away to you!), some itsy bitsy fried crab cracker things, and…

Wares at Tsukiji

Stalls at Tsukiji

… apple buns. Yum. This, more than anything, shows the value of giving out free samples. We wouldn’t have bought any, if not for the samples the vendor gave us. 😉

Apple An-Pan

Side alley at Tsukiji

Crab/oyster restaurant at Tsukiji

Motorcycle at Tsukiji

Brian's self-portrait in the motorcycle mirror

Fugu Sashimi at Tsukiji

Hanging fugu

Fugu fins

Live fugu

Fugu sashimi

Train back to Hamamatsuchu Station

After the fish market, the guys insisted on going to the Pokemon Center, which they had seen a poster for at the train station. It turned out to be just a store, I think, but… boys will be boys, right? 😉

Pokemon Center


We still had a bit of time to burn, and Son wanted to see the ocean, so we walked over to the nearby Hamarikyu Gardens.

Tall buildings

The guys on the way to the garden

Me on the way to the garden

Crossing the street to the garden

Crossing the street to the garden

Traffic signal

View from Hamarikyu Gardens

Tea house inside Hamarikyu Gardens

Tea house inside Hamarikyu Gardens

Hamarikyu Gardens

And promptly lost the rest of our group. Again.

Mt. Fujimi

View from Mt. Fujimi

Ocean view from gardens

Water gate

Building in Hamarikyu Gardens

Wedding photos?


Hamarikyu Gardens

Me under a tree

Cherry blossoms in the garden, with buildings

Failing to locate anyone else we had arrived with, Son and I went to the nearest train station (which ended up being a different one than the one we had arrived at), and headed back to the hotel.

Dentsu HQ

Buildings in Tokyo

Water spouts?



Fancy elevator


Train station

Train tracks

Yamamote Line

Me, waiting for the train

Back at the hotel, our group reunited, and then… we got to meet up with Keizo!

Who is Keizo, you ask? Only the ramen man… he started writing about ramen on his blog, Go Ramen, when he lived here in Los Angeles, and then last year, he uprooted his entire life to go live in Japan and work at a ramen shop. The man took the leap and is living his dream… which I think is beyond awesome.

Plus, he’s just as cool in person (if not cooler!) as he is online (I first met him on twitter, when he started following me. 😀 )

Keizo in front of Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

Of course, if you’re meeting the ramen man, obviously you have to go eat ramen, right? Luckily for us, Keizo knows all about the ramen scene in Tokyo (and most of Japan!), so he took us somewhere we would have never discovered on our own – the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum!

Inside of ramen museum

Inside of ramen museum

Inside of ramen museum

A ramen museum? Well, what’s so special about that? If you’re not much of a museum person, like me, it doesn’t sound all that exciting.

But this isn’t your average museum.

Exploring the second story of the shop area of the museum

Francis and Dave discussing where to eat

Nope… they have ramen you can eat. And not just one place… there are 8? 10? different mini ramen shops inside of the museum! Excited yet? You bet I was.

Of course, first we had to decide which ones we wanted to try…

Vending machine at the ramen museum

Even better, each little ramen place has mini bowls of ramen – so you can try several different bowls in one visit.

It just gets better and better.

Shoyu Ramen - the new place

First one we tried was a shoyu ramen. The restaurants switch out from time to time, and since this shoyu ramen place was fairly new to the museum, Keizo wanted to check it out. So Son and I decided to tag along… yum!

The tonkotsu shop

Dave and Francis in the tonkotsu shop

We met back up with the rest of our little group, and went to a tonkotsu ramen shop in the back right corner of the bottom floor (the restaurant section of the ramen museum is two stories high in the basement of the building, and then on the main floor there is an actual museum and a gift shop).

Francis and Brian in the tonkotsu shop

Son, Keizo, and I in the tonkotsu shop

*waves* Hi, Keizo! ^_^


Son's tonkotsu ramen

There were two main types of tonkotsu ramen, so Son and I got a bowl of each type.

My tonkotsu ramen with a photobomb by Brian

Spicy ramen shop kitchen

The last shop we went to was a spicy miso ramen. Too spicy for me, but that’s okay – by then I was stuffed, and only had a bite of Son’s ramen. This was Keizo’s favorite – he was telling us how he finds himself craving this ramen.

Keizo in spicy ramen shop

Spicy ramen

Leaving the museum

Old man preparing green tea in mall

Afterwards, Keizo took us to a nearby mall, where we hung out for a little while in the basement – where all the food shops are! And of course, we did a little shopping… yes, we took full advantage of the fact that Keizo can read and speak Japanese fluently. 😉 Remember what I said about him being awesome? Yep! He was SO helpful, and more than happy to help us all out. Domo arigato gozaimasu, Keizo! 🙂

Old man serving us green tea in mall

Don’t forget… just a few more Japan posts left! If you leave a comment on any of my posts about my Japan trip, you’ll be automatically entered to win a rolling mat and nori from Japan! Hey, I might even thrown in a Sushi Day shirt, just for the fun of it! 😀

23 thoughts on “Tokyo, Japan: Tsukiji Fish Market and the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum”

  1. Nate @ House of Annie -

    Thanks for taking us along! I love this series. We are going to Tokyo ourselves next moth. Hopefully we’ll be able to go to Tsukiji and have some sushi. That ramen museum looks like a great place to stop as well.

  2. BrendaC -

    This is so amazing!! WOW!!
    I’m so jealous of your trip and I hope one day I’ll be able to do the same

    I’ve got to say, I’m so fascinated by your blog!! I went on a 2 week diet cleanse where I couldn’t eat much of anything about 6 months ago and the day I started I had a HUGE sushi craving, I immediately searched the net for sushi recipes for when I was done my cleanse and I would up stumbling across your blog! I LOVE IT! I would have never thought about eating a sushi roll that had bacon in it or even turkey and surprise surprise, it’s delicious!!! I’m addicted to your recipes!

    Thanks for the amazing details and pictures of your trip and thank you so much for the incredible recipes! I love your blog so so much!

  3. Christina -

    Your trip to Japan seemed magical. Just yesterday, I watched “The Ramen Girl”. Cool movie for me because I love cooking, but also inspirational. That same Raumen museum was in the movie. I think I’ll have to go to Japan myself. Thanks so much.

  4. betsy -

    I went to the exact same restaurant for(one of) my sushi breakfast(s)! Loved it!

    The photos in this post are breathtaking! Love them.

  5. Keizo -

    *waves* Hi, back! ^_^
    a great post on a great day! i’m really glad I finally got to meet you and Son. you guys are great! and i can’t believe it’s already been 3 months. i’ll be looking forward to the day we meet again!

  6. Gary -

    I have visited Japan many times … your pictures made me miss it so much. I love Japanese culture, and Japanese food. Thanks for sharing. I’m now connected to Korean culture. A brand culinary experience. I miss Japanese food, but I embrace the new experience.

  7. Karen Swim -

    Wow, this was like having a personally guided tour through Japan. Some of the photos reminded me of Westwood, lol. I love that no matter where we go in the world we can always find small touch points of familiarity. Breathlessly waiting for the next phase of my virtual vacation. 🙂

  8. GiGi -

    Oh… The only thing I won’t forgive you of… is not bringing me SOME OF THAT TUNA! Oh it’s just too good to not have… I know, I know… hate me but eh, my taste buds seem to love me! ha ha.

  9. Keri -

    I’ve been wondering this entire post if either of you speak or read Japanese and got my answer at the end. For years and years I have wanted to visit Japan. How do you navigate and all that without being able to read or speak Japanese? All I really know is konnichiwa, sayonara, and arigato. Haha!

  10. Sarah -

    The best part about this is about the 50 something picture of a shopping area (Carreta is promptly place on a window) and there are tables outside next to pots of plants…but they look like Sushi!

    Best picture.

  11. Lee -

    Love it.I am going next May.How easy and far is it from Yokahama to the fish market.The tuna auctions are open 4;30-6;15 (2 tours of 70 people max)

  12. thesoulofjapan -

    First of all, what camera were you using for these amazing pics. Second, you took some really nice pics of some of my fav places. Sushizanmai and the ramen museum. This is my first stop through here. Look forward to reading more of your stuff. Thanks.

  13. Yuki -


    I love the post and gorgeous pictures! I have just visited Tsukiji on my return to Japan. I am based in London where i teach Japanese Cooking Lessons please check out my site, as I just made a post about Japanese Pickles at Tsukiji.

    All the best!