Month: November 2008

Dynamite Roll

<span class="bigPic"> <img src="" alt="Dynamite Roll"/> </span> <p>Quite often readers email me with questions relating to sushi. Usually they're easy to respond to, or if I don't know the answer a quick search will help me out. But every once in a while, I'm completely stumped by a question. Such was the case with a recent email. A reader asked me five questions relating design to sushi, and since I'm at a loss

Island Roll

<span class="bigPic"> <img src="" alt="Island Roll"/> </span> <p>So what do you do if you run out of nori in the middle of making sushi? Well, after the initial "oh crud" moment, you find a way to replace it. Lucky for me, I have a TON of spring roll wrappers laying around, which turn out to be the perfect replacement for nori. Not only are they sturdy enough to roll sushi in without falling apart,

Refugee from Reality Roll

<span class="bigPic"> <img src="" alt="Refugee from Reality Roll"/> </span> <p>Ever since I was very young, I have been an avid reader. In first grade, I began reading the Boxcar Children series (we must have at least 100 of those books!) and Little House on the Prairie. (Although my all-time favorite book when I was young was Norma Jean, Jumping Bean.) In middle school, I graduated to the Wheel of Time series, the Golden Compass

Musha Izakaya

<a class="bigPic" href="#" title="Musha"> <img src="" alt="Musha"/> </a> <p>A couple of weeks ago, Son and I decided we were in the mood for Japanese... but not sushi. (I know, blasphemy! Really, people. I eat many foods aside from sushi.) A quick search on <a href="">Yelp</a> found a cute little Japanese Izakaya called <a href="">Musha</a>. </p> <a class="bigPic" href="#" title="Spicy Tuna Dip"> <img src="" alt="Spicy Tuna Dip"/> </a> <p>The first dish that came out was the Spicy

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sushi Day

<a class="bigPic" href="" title="Life without sushi..."> <img src="" alt="Life without sushi..."/> </a> <p>Two years ago today, <a href="">Sushi Day was introduced to the world</a>. On only our second day live, <a href="">we got a very warm welcoming</a>, and significantly more traffic than we had ever expected. From there, things only got better. A year ago, we began <a href="">selling shirts</a>, and <a href="">just a month ago I introduced you to</a> <a href="">my new food