Month: July 2008

emily’s roll

Emily’s Roll

Who is Emily? In kindergarten, I had a friend named Emily who had the most beautiful long hair. She was astonished that I walked to and from school every day instead of driving. After kindergarten, she moved away. This is not that Emily. In elementary school, my mother used to baby sit my classmate Cathy’s

Spicy Shrimp Inari

<p>Although I have forever loved <a href="">inari sushi</a> in it's simplest form, I always look for delicious ideas to spruce up my old favorite. </p> <p>Several weeks ago, I was at Whole Foods and I needed something quick for lunch, so I stopped by the sushi section. (Yes, I eat store bought sushi. It's not <em>all</em> bad.) I bought a tray of inari sushi which had shrimp and spicy mayonnaise on

breakfast roll

Breakfast Roll

I can’t start my day without breakfast. I get cranky, and lightheaded, and, well, it’s not a pretty picture. For me, breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day (unlike some other people, who refuse to eat breakfast!) So, since certain people refuse to believe my diet consists of anything other than sushi,

bulgogi roll

Bulgogi Roll

Son and I love Korean food. He is sure to get the hot tofu soup (extra spicy!), and I never fail to get the bulgogi (BBQ beef). When the waiter comes out with a burning hot plate, the beef is smoking and onions are still sizzling. You can see the sugars in the onions caramelizing,

beach grill maki

Beach Grill Maki

Imagine walking along the beach on a bright summer day. The cool salt water rushes in to swirl around your ankles, then races away playfully. A slight breeze brings a whiff of salty ocean air. You hear seagulls squawking all around you. The taste of the briny ocean air is on your lips as you