Month: May 2007

Sweet Curry Sushi

<p>I tried making a quick and easy curry that didn't use very many ingredients. I intended to make something that tasted like good curry, without all the work. Unfortunately... things don't always go as planned. </p>

Banh Mi Sushi

<p>Banh Mi Sushi is a new favorite of mine. Son and I went to a BBQ yesterday for one of his friends' birthday, and brought this meat and it was a hit! We thought it might taste good in sushi, so we stole one and brought it home... and we were right!</p>

Sushi… Beyond the Sea!

<p>...Sushi, waiting for me! Hehe I love that song! (Beyond the Sea, from Finding Nemo :) ) If you like seafood, you will love this sushi! Smoked salmon, imitation crab and unagi all come together in this roll, with the fantastic taste of green onion to ensure that the fish taste isn't too overwhelming. :) </p>

Bee Maki

<p>Who would expect to taste sweetness in sushi? Surprisingly, it's possible without making one of those *candy sushi* things with rice crispy treats and fruit roll-ups. (Never tried them, and I'm not sure I want to... have you? If so, are they any good?) The combination of unagi and honey in the roll adds a sweet note to the roll, while the imitation crab and shoyu create a bit of