spring rolls

Vietnamese catfish spring rolls

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vietnamese catfish

One of the things I like doing every once in a while on stream is going back to recipes I made on my blogs years ago, and trying them out again.

Obviously we do that every Saturday, when we remake (and retake the photos) of old Sushiday sushi recipes.

But today we revisited something we were both very excited about – a Vietnamese catfish recipe that I first made in 2009, and then again in 2013.

vietnamese catfish

This time, the one big change was that we actually broiled the catfish after we baked it.

(This is the first time we’ve actually lived in a place with a working broiler.)

pineapple lychee fizz

While the catfish was in the oven for an hour, I decided to make a drink with some lychees that Son’s dad gave him last week.

allison with the pineapple lychee fizz

I found this recipe for pineapple and lychee fizz, which turned out deliciously.

pineapple lychee fizz

Tropical vacation, here I come!

allison with the pineapple lychee fizz (the most cringey photo of me ever)

Once the catfish came out of the oven, it was spring roll time!

spring rolls

Can you guess which rolls I made, and which were Son’s?

spring rolls

(Hint: Son’s reeeeallllly bad at rolling spring rolls. Even his own mom makes fun of his rolling skillz.)

spring rolls

The catfish skin was crispy, the flesh was fatty and flavorful, and overall it was oh, so good.

spring rolls

Our only complaint: we wish we had gotten a bigger catfish!

spring rolls

Today’s Question of the Day: What is your favorite summer drink?

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