garlic shrimp

Head-on, garlic-fried shrimp

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garlic shrimp

Yesterday, May 10th, was National Shrimp Day! I don’t celebrate all food holidays… but when I do, it’s because I want a good excuse to make something I want to eat.

Like shrimp.

garlic shrimp

You’ve all probably guessed by now that we really love garlic around here. So it’s no surprise that I went for the garlickiest shrimp recipe I could find.

garlic shrimp

I doctored some of the Japanese mayo we made a few weeks ago with some lime juice and lime zest, to go with the shrimp. And let me tell you… it was all sooooo good.

I mean, crispy-shelled shrimp, garlic out the wazoo, succulent shrimp, tangy mayo. Where can you go wrong?

garlic shrimp

Today’s Question of the Day: What is your favorite shrimp preparation? Do you suck the head? Do you eat the shells?

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