Month: July 2007

Mango Salsa Sushi

<p>A week ago we were visiting Son's parents, and his mother sent a couple of mangoes back with us. Now I have had mango pudding and mango ice cream before, but I don't think I have ever had an actual raw mango! Yum! They were some really good mangoes, so we decided to make some sushi with it. Recently I keep hearing about mango salsa, and it sounds really good...

Shrimp n’ Apple Roll

<p>Several people have told us that we should try making sushi using apples and shrimp, so finally we have! I know everyone always says to use Fuji apples for their sweetness... but I didn't have any so I just made do with what I had! The cheese definitely helped, as it was a little bland without the saltiness and spice of the cheese.</p>

“Beef” and Broccoli Maki

<p>This is my interpretation of the "beef" that is used in the vegetarian pad see ew (I love pad see ew! :D ). Ours doesn't taste exactly like beef, but it's still really good! We overcooked the broccoli just a tad bit (which is why it is all black and looks dead) but it still tasted fantastic! This is a great way to make sushi for your vegetarian friends or to

Tuna Temaki

Tuna Temaki

A few weeks ago, Yvo posted a recipe for tuna salad on her blog, The Feisty Foodie. Since I am almost as faithful a reader of her blog as she is of mine (her reviews of New York restaurants always make me want to pack my bags and catch a flight out to New York),

“I Scream” Cone

<p>The last post showed you how to make temaki sushi. This post gives you the recipe for the temaki sushi shown in the how-to post!</p>

How to Make Temaki Sushi

<p>Temaki is a super easy type of sushi to make. It is similar to <a href="">maki sushi</a> and tastes pretty much the same, but is so much easier to make! This would probably be great for sushi parties - you don't need a bamboo rolling mat to make it, and if you have all your ingredients and the nori cut up before you start, you don't even need a knife!</p>

Independence Day Sushi Parfait

<p>Happy Independence Day! I hope everyone is having a fun Fourth of July celebration! Well, my American readers anyways. Sorry everyone else. :( Now don't get mad at me, because I <em>know</em> this isn't really sushi, or even that close, but I'm going to post it anyways! Because I can. :D </p>