Hearts Kazari Sushi

Among those who know us, there’s an ongoing joke that Son has never taken me on a date. But to be fair, I’m sure there’s been at least one or two in the 15 years we’ve been together.

That being said… our first date was only barely a date, though to be honest it was more my fault than his. He wanted to take me to a restaurant/arcade-type place called BJs, but my socially anxious ass was like NOPE HOW ‘BOUT NOT.

So instead, we sat on a bench in the middle of the mall, and just chatted for hours.

And then he drove me to a Chili’s, fully intending to get food… and instead we sat in the car and talked some more.

But keep in mind, I was still recovering from a car accident, so on top of my usual social anxiety I was also super self-conscious about how beat-up I looked at the time.

So… no food happened on that first date. But a first kiss might’ve happened…

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