XBOX Sushi

The world of gamers is always so interesting to me.

I think most people would look at me and say, “oh she’s absolutely not a gamer,” because I did not grow up having a video game console.

That was not something we ever had until my brother was old enough to start playing video games, and I was a teenager by then – so I was busy with school, and dance, and didn’t have time to play games.

So I didn’t really grow up with console-based video games, but I did still spend a large chunk of my childhood gaming. It was just all computer games games like Chips Challenge – I played so much Chip’s Challenge.

I was so freaking good at Minesweeper. I absolutely adored Treasure Mountain. And we can’t forget Pickle Wars. I don’t know if anybody else played this or anybody else remembers this game, but Pickle Wars was my jam.

I was a gamer. I always have been. Just maybe not same kind of gamer as you.

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