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Whenever I talk about my husband by name, people always think that I have kids.

Oh, it’s so funny your kid said that ha ha. No… that’s actually my husband.

And this is because my husband’s name is Son.

And yes, I’ve heard all the jokes, but it is a very common Vietnamese name.

And the entire time we’ve been together, we’ve always introduced ourselves to people as Alli-Son – we’re AlliSon! Allison, because that’s my name, and his name’s Son… and somehow people still manage to get it wrong.

They always want to get weird with his name – people call him “Soon”. People call him “Sawn”. No, it’s just “Son”.

And even with introducing ourselves as Alli-Son people can’t remember my name. Are you… Amber? …Ashley?

No… we’re AlliSon.

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