Month: March 2012

Tataki and Mindshare, bringing sustainable sushi to Los Angeles

<span class="bigPic"> <img src="" alt="seared albacore tuna belly nigiri"/> </span> <p>Sustainability is an important food issue these days. But what people don't always realize, is that it can also be a very <em>delicious</em> issue.</p> <p>Luckily, we have people like <a href="">Hajime Sato</a> of <a href="">Mashiko</a>, the lovely people at <a href="">I Love Blue Sea</a>, and <a href="">Casson Trenor</a> to show us just how delicious sustainability can be.</p> <span class="bigPic"> <img src="" alt="The Butterfly Project Loft"/> </span> <p>Last week was a perfect