Month: October 2008

Bento, Cookies, and BBM Fun

<p>Everyone loves getting packages. Especially when they're somewhat unexpected packages with awesome goodies inside. And I got three! In the same week! How awesome is that?</p> <a class="bigPic" href="" title="Bento Box!"> <img src="" alt="Bento Box!"/> </a> <p>First off, I received the bento box that I won in <a href="">Yvo's</a> <a href="">Does This Make My Lunch Look Phat? contest</a>. Seriously, the cutest little bento box ever! It's so little, and cute, and adorable,

Salmon Summer Sushi

<p>Every now and then, a reader <a href="">emails me</a> with an idea for a sushi recipe. I always do my best to respond to every email, and I'll usually ask the reader if they mind if I make the sushi and post about it. Unfortunately, sometimes it can take a while for me to get to making the sushi, and then sometimes even longer for me to get around to posting about