Month: June 2008

Mango Tuna Tango

<p>Since I posted here last, two weeks ago, life has been crazy. I went to an amazing dinner for my brother's cancer center where he got honored (I wish I had been able to document the food there! I think that might have been just a little tacky though, so I didn't.), I graduated (yay!), I performed in and helped run a show with my old dance school (busy busy busy!) and

Pepper Tuna Roll

<p>The most wonderful thing happened to me the other day. I took my very last final. Ever. Yes, that's right, I'm finished with school. Graduation is this weekend, and then I never have to be back here, ever! (Unless I really want to. But then it's by choice, not because I have to for my degree.) </p> <p>Unfortunately, that means I will be extremely busy during the next

Guns and Roll

<p>Today, I cannot think of a single thing to write for you. I'm in the middle of finals, so I'm going to blame it on stress and studying. Don't worry, I have a recipe for you, but in lieu of trying to write more about it, I'm going to do another meme that I've been putting off. <a href="">Ellen Wilson</a> splatted me with a <a href="">meme tomato</a> a month ago (don't

Tuna Cucumber Watermelon

<p>These are cute little tuna appetizers made to look like watermelons. Great for parties, they make perfect finger-food, and are much less work than making a whole bunch of sushi for a party! Not to mention, they are delicious!</p> <p>This recipe has a lot of contrasting flavors. The cool of the cucumber versus the heat of the Siracha sauce. The soft, yielding texture of the tuna, as opposed to the snappy

jumpin jackfish roll

Jumpin’ Jackfish Roll

You might think the name of this roll is a little weird. Why name it the “Jumpin’ Jackfish Roll”? Well, let me explain. The inclusion of jalapeños and togarashi make the roll more than a little spicy, so it’s definitely “jumpin'”! And as I mentioned in my Yellowtail Nigiri post, yellowtail is actually a type