Month: March 2008

Naked Spicy Tuna Roll

<p>Hot hot hot! This is another spicy tuna roll, but it gets it's heat from a completely different source. Instead of the Sriracha sauce that is in normal spicy tuna rolls, this one has a jalapeno as one of it's fillings. Even though it has cream cheese to soothe your taste buds... it really doesn't help much. Or so I hear. To be honest, I made Son try this

Unagi Asparagus Roll

<p>Tuna tuna tuna... so many tuna sushi recipes lately! What? I'm catching up for the entire year that I didn't use any sashimi at all! :D A quick break though... it's an unagi recipe today, and then it's back to tuna! Mmmmm...</p>

feisty tuna roll

Feisty Tuna Roll

The Feisty Tuna Roll is a little bit spicy but not overwhelmingly so, and definitely tasty. The avocado helps cool it down a little more, so even people who aren’t huge fans of spicy foods will probably like this. 🙂 Ingredients 6 sheets nori 3 cups sumeshi 1 large avocado 2 tbsp mayonnaise 2 tsp