Month: October 2007

Mobo calls it… “Guido” Maki

<p>This is, yet again, another roll from <a href="">Mobo Sushi</a>. This is a vegetarian roll, although not vegan because of the cream cheese. On my own, I would have never thought to put nuts or raw garlic in a sushi roll... but turns out it works pretty well! Son liked this roll a lot. I think his parents use basil a lot in their cooking, and he has a lot

Snoball Maki

<p>This is another roll from <a href="">Mobo Sushi</a>. We weren't able to try this while we were there, but we grabbed a take-out copy of the menu and decided to make this at home. This was an interesting roll. Use just a little bit of coconut, or it will overwhelm the roll. Also, Son says it needed to be a little saltier (but of course, he pours salt on everything,

flying tiger roll

Flying Tiger

<p>This is one of the rolls that I tried at <a href="">Mobo Sushi</a>. Even though I didn't particularly like it when I ate the Flying Tiger at Mobo Sushi, it sounded like it should have been really good! So I decided to make it at home. </p>