Month: February 2007

crazy california roll

Crazy California Roll

This is a roll that I first tried and loved at the Maki Maki in Irvine, California. I liked it so much that I thought that I should try making it myself… and I was very pleased with the result! It actually tasted almost exactly like the one at the restaurant. 🙂 Yum! As always,

Bacon Cheese-Sushi

For a long time, the Western Bacon Cheeseburger from <a href="">Carl's Jr.</a> was my favorite burger ever. I usually would eat it after long, difficult rehearsals or performances, to get my energy back. So I figured, why not make a sushi similar to my favorite burger!

Tuna Salad Sushi

Tuna Salad Sushi

As simple as it might sound, this roll is actually my favorite roll out of all the rolls I have made thus far! (It beat out the Crunchy Shrimp Roll, which is my most requested roll by those for whom I make sushi!) The tart tuna salad goes absolutely wonderfully with the juicy crunch of

Super Bowl Rock N’ Roll

This roll is a wonderful snack roll, perfect for game day! Another of our wonderful readers, <a href="">Ralph Whitbeck</a>, came up with the idea for this roll (Thanks, Ralph! :D )

Monkey Maki

Monkey Maki!!! I love the name - I was cracking up! Yes, I'm a dork. :D This fabulous recipe was thought up by my wonderful reader, <a href="">Yvo</a>, and I must say it turned out pretty darn well! (Thanks so much, <a href="">Yvo</a>! :D )