Allison Day


For the month of May, 2009

My family was never much of an outdoorsy type of family. Never once did we go camping, although we did often go hiking on a local trail. I did get some camping experience with my girl scout troop, but I would still consider myself far more of an indoors, city girl than someone who embraces the wild outdoors.

So I’m always in awe of those who are outdoorsy. Those who go rock climbing, or camping in the wilderness, or whitewater rafting, or even just fishing on a serene lake. Heck, I’ve only fished once in my life – on the bank of a man-made lake in Arizona, for catfish. We didn’t catch a thing.

So for all you hardcore outdoorsy people out there, this roll’s for you. This roll is fantastic – it’s surprisingly amazing how well smoked salmon and honey mustard complement each other, and the cucumber is a nice cool addition to the roll as well. Smoked salmon and honey mustard may be my favorite new combination (not just for sushi… I’ve put it in spring rolls and sandwiches as well).

And for now… I’ll live vicariously through my friend Friar’s fishing adventures.

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