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For the month of October, 2007


This is, yet again, another roll from Mobo Sushi. This is a vegetarian roll, although not vegan because of the cream cheese. On my own, I would have never thought to put nuts or raw garlic in a sushi roll… but turns out it works pretty well! Son liked this roll a lot. I think his parents use basil a lot in their cooking, and he has a lot of food memories using basil when he was a child in Vietnam, so it brings back a sense of nostalgia.

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Snoball MakiPosted on October 24th, 2007 · 8 Comments »

Maki Recipes


This is another roll from Mobo Sushi. We weren’t able to try this while we were there, but we grabbed a take-out copy of the menu and decided to make this at home. This was an interesting roll. Use just a little bit of coconut, or it will overwhelm the roll. Also, Son says it needed to be a little saltier (but of course, he pours salt on everything, so it was probably just right) so he says eating it with shoyu is good.

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Taste and Create 2Posted on October 19th, 2007 · 9 Comments »

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I would like to ask you all for some help. A little while ago I told you about how my brother has been diagnosed with leukemia again, and that he will probably need a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, we have just found out that none of us are a match for him. My brother isn’t the only one… there are many people who have leukemia who can’t find a bone marrow match. So I was hoping that as many of you as possible can try to get tested for a bone marrow transplant registry… there are many different ones in the US and in many other countries, so even my foreign readers can get tested. By doing this, your blood sample is put in an international registry, so in the case that you are a match for my brother or one of the many other children (and adults) who have leukemia or a similar disease, you can help save a life.

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Flying TigerPosted on October 13th, 2007 · 6 Comments »

Maki Recipes


This is one of the rolls that I tried at Mobo Sushi. Even though I didn’t particularly like it when I ate the Flying Tiger at Mobo Sushi, it sounded like it should have been really good! So I decided to make it at home.

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Mobo SushiPosted on October 4th, 2007 · 7 Comments »

Other Sushi Randomness


Aaahhh!!! I’m still here, I promise!! I posted the Halo 3 Sushi a little over a week ago and figured I would be able to post another post by the end of the week… then I started school. Man!! Tons of reading this quarter, and 27 hours of class in addition to that doesn’t leave much time for writing sushi posts! Then we got onto Kotaku where they are flaming me in the comments… bleh. Anyways, HUGE spike in traffic in the past couple of days which is of course totally stressing me out!! Gah! So of course, it wasn’t until last night that I had time to write a sushi post. Here it is… and I’ll try to be around more often! Plenty of sushi to come!

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