Month: April 2009

Lemon Drop Roll

<span class="bigPic"> <img src="" alt=""/> </span> <p>Some people are just a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Even when they're going through pain or hard times, they always seem so bright and happy - the kind of person who makes <em>everyone's</em> day better. My friend <a href="">Wendi Kelly</a> is one such person. As with quite a few of my other good friends, I met her through the <a href="">Escaping Reality RPG.</a> And

Sassy Shrimp Roll

<span class="bigPic"> <img src="" alt=""/> </span> <p>I am a very shy girl. In social situations I'm awkward, quiet, and generally über polite to a fault. Because of this, I have very few people that I can consider really great, close friends. But every once in a blue moon, I meet someone with whom I just *click*. Whether it be online or off, once in a while I just know that I'm going to

Kyoto Roll

<span class="bigPic"> <img src="" alt=""/> </span> <p>Sometimes I think we, as humans, overcomplicate things. We pack our schedules to the gills, we insist on cutting-edge technology for the most mundane tasks, and we are constantly going, going, going. Rarely do we stop and smell the roses, and appreciate the simpler things in life.</p> <span class="bigPic"> <img src="" alt=""/> </span> <p>It's amazing how some of the best things are actually the simplest of all. For example, this sushi.