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Good Fish Cookbook

Any of you who have been reading Sushi Day for a while know that I’m a huge supporter of seafood suppliers, restaurants, and people who sell, use, and educate people about sustainable seafood. (And if you’re new to Sushi Day? Well, now you know!)

Becky giving her demo

My friend Becky Selengut (whom I met through her twitter account – which you absolutely should follow, because the woman is hilarious and entirely awesome in so many ways) is one of those people – a professional chef who educates people about sustainable seafood through her twitter account, her blog, and through classes she teaches in the Seattle, WA area.

Chopping herbs

Earlier this year, she came out with a cookbook all about sustainable seafood, called Good Fish. It both educates about each kind of sustainable seafood, and provides several recipes varying from beginner to advanced cooking level for each. The types of seafood range from albacore tuna to wild salmon to spot prawns, and each is presented in a way anyone can enjoy.


To promote her new cookbook, Becky went on a book tour down the Pacific coast this spring, where she discussed the book and demoed one of the recipes from her book. So I’m sure it’s no surprise I made room in my crazy schedule to go see her when she had her cookbook demo at Santa Monica Seafood. (Confession: this happened months ago, and I’m only just now getting around to posting about it. Like I said… crazy schedule! ~_^)

Becky with the finished dish

For her demo at Santa Monica Seafood, Becky made the Grilled Spot Prawns with “Crack” Salad from page 73 of her cookbook.


It’s called “Crack” Salad for a reason, people… this stuff is addictive! Reminiscent of Vietnamese goi (a papaya salad almost always served at weddings and in many restaurants as well), I couldn’t get enough of it. As for those grilled spot prawns… shell-on is where it’s at, people. The Santa Monica Seafood staff prepared the samples without the head and shell (for obvious reasons – leaving the shell on would make the samples way too difficult to, well, sample), but I was lucky enough to be able to try one of the spot prawns Becky had grilled with the shell on as part of her demo. My goodness, what a difference.

(Plus, the chef at Santa Monica Seafood fried up the leftover spot prawn heads for us! Crunchy, yummy, delicious, mmmmm… ^_^)

Fried spot prawn heads

Of course, if you want the recipe (and believe me, you want that recipe), you’re going to have to buy her book. Or, if you’re lucky, you can even win a copy.

What’s that I say? You heard me right, you can win a copy! As a matter of fact, you can win a signed copy, signed by Becky herself and shipped straight to you! Just leave a comment on this post before 11:59pm on Friday, September 9th, and I will randomly pick a winner! (One comment per person, contest open to anyone with a valid shipping address.)

Good luck!

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