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Tokyo, Japan: Our last two days, and a visit to Bassanova!

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Robot statue

On our second to last day in Japan, we visited the Ghibli Museum. You know the Japanese animated films like Totoro, Castle in the Sky, Kiki’s Delivery Service…? Well, Ghibli is the man who did all the art for those movies, and this museum is dedicated to him and his art.

You’re not allowed to take photos inside of the museum, but we did manage to sneak one picture of the robot statue on the roof…

Bus schedule

That day was a rainy day, and a day mostly filled with shopping for souvenirs, gifts, and other goodies to bring home.

Busy crosswalk

However, we still had one major thing left that we just had to do before we left Japan. So we trekked through the freezing, pouring rain, to go to…

Basa Nova



For those of you who don’t know, Bassanova is the ramen restaurant where Keizo [2] of Go Ramen [3] fame works.

Bassanova kitchen with Keizo

Obviously, we had to try his ramen.

Other diners

Lucky for us, Keizo was more than happy to help us order the ramen… since the ticket machine didn’t have any pictures. :o

Keizo in Bassanova kitchen

There are two kinds of ramen Bassanova is known for.

Keizo making our ramen

Their official special is the tonkotsu ramen.

Keizo making our ramen

But the one Keizo has made famous is their green curry ramen.

Keizo making our ramen

Of course, we had to try a bowl of each. :D

Green curry ramen

The green curry ramen… AMAZING.

Oh, and the tonkotsu was pretty good too. :D

Tonkotsu ramen

But back to that green curry ramen… creamy, spicy… almost too spicy, but even as my entire mouth was burning I couldn’t stop eating because it was so freaking good… (okay, so I don’t have a high spice tolerance. Shush.)

Holding up thick noodles in green curry ramen

My only regret was that we didn’t visit Bassanova earlier in the trip, so we could come back and eat that green curry ramen again!

Green curry ramen with a bite or two taken out

One of these days I may have to kidnap Keizo and make him teach me how to make it. It’s that good. ;)

I swear, I’ve been craving another bowl of that ramen ever since we left Bassanova… thanks a lot, Keizo. :D


Rainy Tokyo streets

Rainy Tokyo streets

Rainy Tokyo streets

The next morning was our last day in Japan! So sad. We wanted to stay longer.

CoCo Ichiban Curryhouse

Since it was our last morning, we wanted to revisit a restaurant we loved.

Unfortunately, Bassanova doesn’t open until late – after we had to be at the airport – so we couldn’t go back there.

Instead, CoCo Curry [4] again!

Our curry

Perfect. :D

Brian's curry?

Dave and Francis at CoCo Curry

After our breakfast of curry, we noticed we were pretty close to the Tokyo Tower. So we headed off in that direction for some last-minute sightseeing.

Gate in the middle of the street, leading to the temple

But instead of at the Tokyo Tower, we found ourself in the middle of the gorgeous Zojoji Buddhist Temple!

Front of the temple

We weren’t complaining. :D

Zojoji Temple

Photo courtesy of Francis Castillo [5]

Black placard with white Japanese writing at the temple

Dressed up children's statues

Dressed up children's statues with pinwheel

Wood wall with wood wish cards

Close to the Tokyo Tower… but not quite there. ;)

Temple with Tokyo Tower behind it

View from front of temple

Praying statue

Side building at temple

It was there that we realized… during the entire Japan trip, we hadn’t gotten a single picture of our entire group!

Setting up the group photo

Of course, we had to fix that.

Francis with his camera, setting up the group photo

More black placards with white writing

On the street leading away from the temple

After that, it was off to the airport.

Goodbye, Japan! Hope we can come back soon! :D

A gate

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