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As much as I love sushi, Son and I unfortunately don’t go out to eat sushi nearly often enough. Part of it is a time thing – he usually gets home from work pretty late, so not many sushi restaurants are open at that time. The other part is that sushi tends to be so expensive… it’s almost always cheaper for me to make sushi at home, and then we get to have the sushi exactly how we like it.

But every now and then, it’s nice to go out and try a new sushi restaurant. It allows us to try new types of sushi that we might not have every tried on our own, and it saves me the work of making sushi quite so often.

For the last few days, Son and I have been up north in Sunnyvale. There are all sorts of delicious restaurants up here, so there was no doubt in my mind that we would be visiting a sushi restaurant for at least one meal. As always, it was difficult to decide where to go, made even more so due to our unfamiliarity with the area. Luckily, we were accompanied by some “natives” who knew of some good sushi in the vicinity.

After some debate, we ended up going to Seto Japanese Cuisine. It has a wide selection of sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese dishes (perfect for those of us not so comfortable eating raw fish). As a table, we started off with some edamame and miso soup. The edamame was served hot and salted, which I found to be delicious. The miso soup was good, although I was a little surprised not to find any seaweed floating in it.

For sushi, Son and I decided to try some things we had never eaten before. This was the first time I had ever seen hirame (halibut) on a sushi menu, so there was no doubt we wanted to try that. We had never tried hotate (scallops) before, so that was another must-try. To round out our meal, we got two rolls: Spicy Tuna and Spicy Lobster.

The hirame nigiri was delicious. The fish was smooth and light, very similar to hamachi (yellowtail). My only complaint about the nigiri is that there was just a little too much wasabi on the underside of the fish for my tastes. Otherwise, however, it was great – the size of the fish was very generous.

The Hotate Special was amazing. Little pieces of the scallops were mixed with a scattering of tobiko and just enough mayonnaise to coat the scallops, without being heavy or overwhelming. These scallop pieces were placed on top of rice, gunkan-style. I actually would have preferred this as a dish by itself, rather than as sushi. I picked a few of the pieces of the scallop off of the sushi, and they were quite delicious. I would love just a bowl of the mayo-tobiko scallop pieces.

In the past years I have become more tolerant of spicy foods than I have ever been… but apparently not tolerant enough. The Spicy Tuna rolls were just a wee bit too hot for me. Not even shoyu and abundant water could convince me to eat a second one… but Son said the heat was fine for him. He even ate them with a bit of wasabi.

The Spicy Lobster rolls were delicious. Unlike the Spicy Tuna, these were not overwhelming in their heat. These rolls consisted of lobster, avocado, lettuce, spicy mayonnaise, and were rolled inside-out, then wrapped with pink soy paper. They were quite beautiful to look at. The spicy lobster mixture was delicious, and I loved the crunch that the crisp lettuce added to the roll.

If I were to visit Seto again, I would definitely order the Hotate Special and the Spicy Lobster roll again. If you’re lucky, I may even try to replicate them for Sushi Day eventually… so keep an eye out for them. 🙂

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  1. Alex Fayle says:

    Whenever I see Sunnyvale, I think of Sunnydale which gets me wondering if Buffy’s Sunnydale ever had demon sushi…

  2. David says:

    Aww I missed it! That sushi on the left side of the plate looks HUGE.

  3. Bamboo Forest says:

    “although I was a little surprised not to find any seaweed floating in it.”


  4. Allison says:

    Alex – I never watched Buffy… my parents never let me. Yes, I was still young enough at the time that my parents controlled what I watched on TV. 😛

    David – Yeah, we missed you! Too bad you had to go to your classes. Yep, the sushi was really big (that was the spicy lobster roll)… no way I could eat that in one bite.

    Bamboo – I know! Horrible, horrible.

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