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It’s the 24th of the month, and as always, Taste and Create beckons. This month our palates travel to India, the country of spicy foods and crazy curry. As much as I would have loved to try some curry (and as much as Son begged for curry), unfortunately that wasn’t happening. The Ralph’s near my new apartment has a pathetic International section, and we haven’t had the time to search for ethnic supermarkets in the area. So instead, Pain Au Chocolat.

I’ve been a fan of chocolate croissants (which is essentially what these were) for quite some time. When I was doing some physics research a couple of summers ago, I used to stop by the little coffee stand right outside the building and buy a warm, flaky chocolate croissant for the bus ride home.

These croissants were actually much easier to make than I expected them to be. At first it’s a little difficult to keep the filling inside when you are rolling them, but once you get the hang of it, the rolling goes quickly.

The croissants are delicious. The chocolate filling is sweet but not too messy, and even a little salty. The only thing about the croissants that I would change would be to switch the type of oil used in them. The olive oil made them taste a little bitter to me, but it wasn’t too much of a problem because when Son took them to work, they were all eaten up.

Overall, these are delicious chocolate croissants! Perfect with a cup of coffee or tea (or even hot chocolate) for breakfast or dessert.

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