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Oh dear me. It seems, for the first time ever, I’m posting my Taste and Create late! I made a recipe from my partner’s blog, two recipes in fact, and a week early at that! But then I had a midterm, and a ridiculous amount of cooking to do for Memorial Day weekend, oh and a paper due next week, and it sort of slipped my mind.

But the food, oh the food! Definitely memorable. I even wanted to make sushi out of it, but it seems that my brother loved it so much he ate it all up! It really was delicious.

At first, I was a little scared. When I found out Ben (my partner for this month) blogs mostly about Mexican food, I was definitely worried! You see, I adore Mexican food Americanized Mexican food, and eat it quite often! However, I have never actually cooked it, and probably have never had authentic Mexican food! Looking at his website, everything looked so spicy. I wasn’t sure I would be able to find something I liked!

Boy was I wrong. I actually found two recipes that sounded good, and decided to put my own little twist on it. First, I marinated shrimp using his Camarones al Mojo de Ajo recipe. (Speaking of which, apparently lime juice turns garlic blue! I was cooking the sauce, and suddenly had little blue things floating around. :P ) Then I alternated them with some steak on skewers. I had my dad grill them, then I served them with his Mango Barbecue Sauce! It was fantastic, although for someone (me!) who can’t handle too much heat in her food, I had to use the barbecue sauce sparingly (it’s spicy!!)

Once again, another successful Taste and Create! For more Mexican recipes, visit Ben’s blog, What’s Cooking?

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