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A few months ago, I signed up to be a member of Blake Makes’ Sooper Heroes. Blake is a food blogger from New Orleans who gives his Sooper Heroes opportunities to recieve free food samples. In the past, he has offered home-made dulce de leche and Sucre chocolates. This time around, Blake had about fifty pieces of TCHO chocolate bars to give away. I was one of the lucky bloggers to comment in time to receive a TCHO bar!

Look! It shows up in a pretty shiny package! 😀

The chocolate comes with three little cards describing the company and what type of chocolate you are getting. The paper-bag-brown packaging has information about what beta batch you are tasting, and which type of chocolate you got. The back has an ingredients list.

I was expecting one solid bar of chocolate, but I ended up getting two thin bars that can break into six pieces each! Perfect for sharing. 🙂

I received it a few days ago, but wanted to wait until my sister got home for spring break to open it. Each of my family members and my boyfriend tried it, and this is what they thought:

  • My dad thought that the chocolate was delicious, and very smooth! He did detect a very slight plasticky aftertaste, but he made sure I knew it was extremely slight, and he only noticed it because he was REALLY paying attention to how it tasted.
  • My mother thought the chocolate tasted like most other types of dark chocolate. She’s generally not a huge dark chocolate fan, so she didn’t think it was anything special.
  • My brother said, “Eh, it’s good.” Realize though, he’s fifteen years old – an age where you are lucky to get more than a grunt for a response. So hearing an actual opinion out of him? A grand achievement.
  • My sister found the chocolate chocolate-y (who would’ve thought? Chocolate-y chocolate!) She thought it was delicious, smooth, and didn’t have an extremely strong bitterness like some dark chocolates had.
  • My boyfriend didn’t think it was anything special. Of course, he almost never eats chocolate, so he didn’t really have much to compare it to. He thought it was good though!
  • I thought it was delicious. It was very melt-in-your-mouth smooth. I also noticed the aftertaste my dad was talking about, but it was very hard to notice and more of an after-after taste.

Overall, we enjoyed the bar, but at a current cost of $5 per bar plus $5 flat rate shipping, we probably wouldn’t buy it anytime soon. However, the bars are still in development and there are several other flavors that we didn’t have the opportunity to try, so once the bars are out of beta development, I may give it another try!

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  1. Yvo says:

    Very cool 🙂

  2. Chocolate Execution says:

    Mmmm, very delicious sounding

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