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It’s that time again! Yep, that’s right, it’s time for Taste and Create V!! This month, I was paired up with Karina from The Floured Apron. She is a very new food blogger as she has only been posting for two months (!) but nonetheless it was very easy for me to find several recipes I wanted to try out. Her Creme Brulee looks delicious, but I don’t think I have any dishes that are oven safe, so I didn’t want to risk exploding bowls. :P I really really REALLY wanted to try her Perogi, but I didn’t have very much time, so I’m putting those off until later. I’ll definitely be making them eventually though! Yum. I love perogi. Anyways, I ended up making her Crab Rangoon. It’s super easy to make… all you have to do is mix the ingredients together, stuff the wontons, and then fry or bake them!

I think her version would be really great, but I made a few changes just out of convenience and personal preferences. For example, instead of a can of crab, I used a package of imitation crab, just because I almost always have it in the fridge/freezer. What? So I like my sushi… you knew that! :P I at least doubled the amount of green onions, just because we really like our green onions. :D I also baked them in my roommate’s toaster oven. I brushed both sides of them with melted butter, baked them for 10 minutes at 350 degrees, then flipped them and baked them for 5 more minutes. They definitely would have been crisper if we had fried them, but they turned out delicious just the same! Hehe so I was lazy. :P

These would be perfect for a Super Bowl party (which by the way, is exactly what Karina made them for!) The men love them! Seriously… when I was baking them I did it in about three batches, and every batch Son took at least two of them to eat! And then I put them in a bag and he took the rest of them to work… and they didn’t come home! Hehe Son LOVED these!

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