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It’s contest time!

First off, Yvo, of Feisty Foodie and All My Bento Are Belong To Me fame, had a bento-making contest a while ago (see my entry here), and decided to extend the deadline. The people she picks as the winners all win a bento box that you can pick from those she has available… I believe there are four left to win. Plus… as an added incentive I am throwing in a Sushi Day shirt to the person she picks for first prize! You don’t have to have a blog to enter… just make a fun lunch (preferably bento-style)! You don’t even have to use traditional ingredients… mine certainly weren’t! So go enter… and make some yummy lunches! 😀 The deadline is February 29th. Email her at feistyfoodie[at]gmail[dot]com if you have any questions, and visit her original post about the contest for complete contest rules and info on how to enter. Also, she’s selling (well, sorta… more like she’s offering them for a $10 $5 donation to the NYC Food Bank) these cool “Go Orange” bags, which are perfect for going grocery shopping (for all your sushi supplies, of course!) or for going to the farmer’s market. You can’t buy these online or anywhere else but NYC, so if you send her cash or a check for however much you want to donate, she will send you a “Go Orange” bag. I got mine, and I love it!

Also, it’s time for a Sushi Day contest! To (finally) kick off the availability of the Sushi Day shirts, we are having sort of a Sushi Day scavenger hunt. There are 12 questions, and you must answer all of them! The answers to the first 10 can be found somewhere on, and the last two are subjective (but you still have to answer them!) To submit your answers, just email me using the Contact Form, and make sure to number your answers so I know which answer goes with which question. From all of the people who answer all of the questions correctly (well, answer the first 10 correctly and put some sort of answer for the last two!), we will randomly pick 5 people who will win Sushi Day shirts worth $20 each (in whatever size you want! Not one of those one-size fits all deals where you get XL shirts that never fit…)! The deadline is 11:59PM Pacific Time on January 12th, so you have two weeks to submit your answers. I will email the winners on January 14th, so when you enter, make sure to give me an email address that you check on a regular basis! The shirts will also be available for purchase beginning that week, so if you aren’t one of the lucky 5 winners, then you can still buy one!

Contest Questions:

  1. What is the key ingredient that makes sushi what it is?
  2. What is the date of Sushi Day?
  3. What kind of sushi does my family have every New Years?
  4. When is Son’s birthday, and how old is he now?
  5. How many different types of inari sushi have I made? (I’m counting anything that uses the inari pouches as inari…)
  6. I have a sushi battle wound… where is it and how did I get it?
  7. Which sushi roll was named after a song?
  8. What programming language did I use to write a program to *automate* sushi posts?
  9. What video game logo did I make with sushi?
  10. What is the color for leukemia? (Kinda like how pink is the color for breast cancer) What about children’s cancer? Which month are they recognized in? (For example, breast cancer is October…)
  11. What is your favorite recipe on Sushi Day?
  12. What would you like to see on Sushi Day that isn’t already here?
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  1. Yvo says:

    Awesome Allison, thanks!!! One thing, though, the Go Orange bags (which I’ll be posting more in-depth about probably on Monday) are actually to be had for a $5 donation minimum each, although one can donate as much as one wishes for a singular bag… just the NYC Food Bank asks that it be a minimum of $5 per bag.
    Good luck to anyone and everyone entering either contest!!!

  2. Allison says:

    Awesome! You’re welcome to enter the contest too… 😀

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