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About a year ago, you might recall I was raving about New Years sushi, and talking about how every year we go and get it from the same place. Surprisingly, I had never actually been there aside from New Years Eve to pick up sushi. So I was wonderfully surprised when the “hole in the wall sushi place” that my friend was taking me to ended up being our “New Years sushi” place!

The shop is pretty inexpensive (about $32 for 44 pieces of sushi!) and, although the selection is pretty slim, the sushi is fantastic! As in, best inari I have ever had. 😀 However, it’s such a cute little hole-in-the-wall that there is no where to sit in the restaurant… just a tiny lobby with a small bench where you order and wait for your food.

As I said, this place makes fantastic sushi, and we aren’t the only people who order sushi for New Year’s from there! In fact, because their sushi is in such high demand for New Year’s, they are generally only able to accept orders for one day (usually the first business day in December), as there is a limit to the amount that they can make on New Year’s Eve.

Anyways, we got the “mix”, which consists of 36 pieces: inari, some sort of fish nigiri (I forget what kind), shrimp nigiri, “tamago” which is an inside-out roll with tamago on top, and futomaki which is a nori roll with mushrooms, tamago, and a few other fillings (I’m not entirely sure what). We also got a box of 8 California rolls, which had shrimp and lots of avocado… different, but good! Of course, I definitely recommend stopping by here for some take-out if you are in the area and don’t want to spend too much… cheap, but good!

In other news…

Sorry I’ve been gone! Finals were last week, then Son had friends over the whole weekend, so this is the first time I’ve been able to post for a while! I’m back now, I promise! 😀

SushiDay shirts! We got them but there was a little problem with them, so now we are shipping them back so they can help us fix them. They are being super helpful with it though… best customer service ever! Fantastic, fantastic. We finally got out P.O. Box though, so we are pretty much all set to sell them… once we get them back! Plus, we will be having a contest where someone can win a shirt! More about that soon…

We got nominated for Best Culture Blog on Japan! It’s pretty awesome, and definitely surprising! So… go vote for us! If you want to of course. Hehe no one’s forcing you… but I would definitely appreciate it! 😀 (Thanks to Klaus for nominating us! 🙂 )

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  1. doug says:

    man that looks good I think my mind is made up sushi for new years!

  2. Allison says:

    😀 It’s a good choice!

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