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I would like to ask you all for some help. A little while ago I told you about how my brother has been diagnosed with leukemia again, and that he will probably need a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, we have just found out that none of us are a match for him. My brother isn’t the only one… there are many people who have leukemia who can’t find a bone marrow match. So I was hoping that as many of you as possible can try to get tested for a bone marrow transplant registry… there are many different ones in the US and in many other countries, so even my foreign readers can get tested. By doing this, your blood sample is put in an international registry, so in the case that you are a match for my brother or one of the many other children (and adults) who have leukemia or a similar disease, you can help save a life.

Here are some national and international Bone Marrow Transplant Registries that anyone who is interested can contact:

Thank you to anyone who decides to get tested!

Anyways, time for Taste and Create again! This month, I got paired up with Abby from Confabulation in the Kitchen. There were so many yummy things on her website (for example, I really would have loved to make her Chocolate Pecan Pie, but believe me… I don’t do pies. My last pie ended up looking like a turkey. Long story. :P ) After much deliberation, I decided to make her Orange Cupcakes.

I had already decided on the orange cupcakes, when I saw her Cupcakes for the Cure post. What a great idea!!! Now I’m sure you’re thinking, “Orange cupcakes??? I thought breast cancer was pink?!?!” Here’s where I’m changing it up a little. While everyone knows that pink is the color for breast cancer, very few know that orange is the color for leukemia, and gold is the color for children’s cancer. (In case you were wondering, September is the month for both leukemia and children’s cancer… yeah I’m a month late, but that’s okay!) This turns out perfect, because I can use the orange cupcakes with gold wrappers as a mini tribute to my brother!

These cupcakes were super easy to make, although I have to admit, I did make a few changes to the recipe. I had no orange zest, and I forgot to add the pinch of salt, so those were both omitted from the recipe. I also shortened the cooking time to 20-25 minutes, since the cupcakes cooked faster than an 8-inch cake would have. (I made 12 cupcakes, but I probably could have filled the cups a little more.) I also used store bought lemon flavored frosting (*gasp*!!) Real bakers, please don’t hate me! :P Really though, this is super yummy frosting… if it weren’t unhealthy, I would be eating it straight out of the container!!! Also, I used dried mango strips for the orange leukemia ribbon decoration.

All said and done, these cupcakes were really good! Son absolutely loved them (I had to keep him from eating too many!) I sent some to my parents and my brother, and for the most part they loved them (my mom ended up eating half of my brother’s, but he wasn’t feeling so great from the chemotherapy at the time which explains that). These will be made again… I just need an excuse to make them!

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