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A few weeks ago, I signed up to participate in this thing called Taste & Create over on For the Love of Food. This time around, I got paired up with Deborah, from Taste and Tell. The assignment was to take a dish from your partner’s blog, then make it and write a post about it.

So… I looked through Deborah’s blog… and there were so many delicious sounding recipes! It was really hard to decide which one to make, but I decided to make her Chocolate Torte because I was making it at my parents’ house and my mom is a huge chocolate lover – so I figured some chocolate might do her good what with all the stress going on right now. (Not sure what I’m talking about? Check out the comments from the last post)

Now mind you, I am not a baker. I don’t exactly have the tools for baking at my apartment, so if I do bake, it’s at my parents’ house and not often. So I pretty much have to make this over there, which at the time was difficult, because I was in the middle of summer school. So the first time I’m over there, I’m all set to bake the cake and my mom informs me that my brother’s doctor has requested to see my sister and I to give us the whole “Your brother has cancer” talk. (This was 2 days after we found out that it came back) Pretty much the exact same talk we got the first time this happened. 😛 Anyways, this is why I hate hospitals: we ended up sitting around for 5 hours waiting for the doctor to show up (this was only supposed to take half an hour). We had to head to a dance class right after that, so no cake that day. The next time I was over there was to get a blood test at the hospital to see if anyone in my family is a match for my brother… again the waiting. And waiting. And no cake again.

As they say, third time’s the charm. The next time I was at home, I finally made the cake. Did I mention that I don’t bake? Yeah… I’m also a clumsy one. So the chocolate cake mix I used called for three eggs. I ended up using four… no not in the cake… I dropped one on the floor. You know how when something not so great startles you, you might accidentally say a *bad* word? Hehe yeah, wash my mouth out with soap. It certainly startled my sister, who was in the kitchen at the time. 😛 Anyways, Cake 1, Allison 0.

I got the cake into the oven without any other major mishaps aside from the amount of batter in the two 9-inch pans being slightly unequal. While the cake is cooking, I start on the frosting. For the most part, it went well. But you know what? Cream whips a lot faster if you use an electric mixer. Yeah… I spent about half an hour trying to whip it by hand using a little bitty whisk, then realized it might be easier to use an electric mixer. 30 seconds, if that using the electric mixer. Man did I feel silly. Hehe so I learned something. 😛 Cake 2, Allison 0.

Deborah’s recipe says to cut each cake in half, so it ends up being a four layer cake. Now I don’t bake much, but I know the limits of my abilities. And I know that if I tried to cut each cake in half and put it all together, something was going to go wrong. So instead, I just made it a two layer cake. Just as much as I can’t bake, I can’t frost cakes either. Maybe I didn’t let the cakes cool enough, or maybe I should have refrigerated the frosting after I finished it, but it just would not spread smoothly, especially down the sides. So I opted for a meringue look. 😀 It still looks alright, if not professional, and of course it doesn’t detract from the taste any. Cake 3, Allison 0.

My last cooking mishap of the night involved the chocolate curls. I have never, ever made chocolate curls, so of course I had no idea what I was doing. For some odd reason, I thought it would be a good idea to freeze the chocolate, so it would curl better? Yeah, don’t do that. The chocolate flakes instead of curling. Luckily, once the chocolate warmed up from my fingers, it curled much better (hence the chocolate flakes on most of the cake, topped with a few chocolate curls) Looking back at the original post, she actually said that you should microwave the chocolate for a few seconds so it will curl better. Boy did I feel dumb. Hehe oh well. Cake 4, Allison 0.

Overall, I really liked the cake! It turned out pretty well even for a non-baker like me, and it was really good! The frosting is really rich, so a little piece is plenty. On, and those of us who are lactose intolerant should watch out… the frosting has both cream and cream cheese in it, so it’s dangerous! My mom loved it, and my brother came home from the hospital the next day and ate a bunch too! Overall, I think this cake is a winner! Definitely something I would make again. 🙂 (Overall totals: Cake 4, but Allison wins anyways 😀 )

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  1. Karianne says:

    You adorable girl! You make sushi. You bake. You dance. You take special care of your mum, brother and sister and could just as well have been a model… Your Son is a lucky man!! Really sorry to hear about your brother. I actually currently work in a cancer hospital, and see up close how tough that can be (I work just with making computer systems for the doctors, not as a medical professional). All the best for you and your family! Lots of hugs from Norway. (Hugs, flowers, cakes and sushi are always a comfort in the hard situations life sometimes throws at you. 🙂 )

  2. Sophie says:

    Awesome, I really want to try this now!

  3. Yvo says:

    The cake looks delicious, and there’s you! You’re very pretty. I hope everything turns out well for you & your family; just keep making things like this and sushi for your family and keep their spirits up.. *hugs*

    PS I don’t bake either. I HATE measuring. Precise? Me? Have you read any of my recipes, lol.

  4. Allison says:

    Karianne – Oh you always make me so blushy hehe. A model??? You’re so sweet! I’m not tall enough though. 😛 Yeah, I hate being at hospitals… so depressing seeing so many people who have such terrible diseases! Thank you for the well wishes and the hugs! Hugs are very good in times like these. 🙂

    Sophie – Thanks! It’s really yummy!

    Yvo – It was! (It’s all gone now. 😛 ) Hehe you’re sweet… actually my sister had done my make-up that day (she’s make-up obsessed… I rarely ever wear make-up. I’m lazy. 😛 ) and I realized I hadn’t taken pictures of the cake yet. So I took them real quick before I had to leave, and then Son snapped that picture of me. 😛 Thanks so much for the well wishes and the hugs!

    Oh, and you know how you were talking about the pictures popping up while you were writing comments a little while ago? Well for the first time, it’s doing that to me right now. Weird, since I didn’t even click on the photos! At least I now know it’s not browser specific, since I’m using FireFox and you were using IE. I’ll have to have Son look into that again.

  5. Darren says:

    Allison! good choice on the cake friend! i hope your bro gets some better news soon!

    I will finally work the evening shift at Cha (starting 8pm) next wednesday (09/26/2007), maybe Son and you can drop by for some warm food/tea and company. take care!

  6. Allison says:

    Thanks! He’s doing better… getting rounder and losing hair because of the chemo though. Ooh… definitely will stop by if Son’s home!

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  8. cake lover says:

    I love your site, you are a kind person and lovely baker.

    Please tell us what you think about our site too.

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