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Hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Father’s Day! I was at my parent’s house today, spending most of the day making sushi: Inari-Zushi, California Rolls, Crunchy Shrimp Rolls, and Banh Mi Sushi. My dad loved it all! Hehe he spent most of the day playing WoW (Wold of Warcraft, for you non-nerds out there :P), which is fitting seeing as we got him a couple of two-month subscriptions to WoW. We figure it should last him almost until Christmas! 😀

Anyways, I’ll be back with some more sushi soon… I promise!

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  1. Yvo says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! I mean, I don’t play WoW, but the sushi sounded awesome =P Haha and that’s cool you can get 2 month subs so you can skip a month here and there? I have friends who don’t surface for air…

  2. Yvo says:

    PS Thanks for voting!!! 🙂

  3. Allison says:

    Hehe yeah, my dad is always playing… Son got him into it and now we never see him away from the computer. 😛 Hehe Son doesn’t play anymore… too busy working all the time! Glad to vote for my favorite food blogger! 😀

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