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You would think that nowhere in the world would be more dominated by fish-eaters than Japan. After all, Japan is sushi central, right? Surprisingly, that assumption is wrong! According to, red meat is overtaking sushi in popularity. There are several factors contributing to the decline of fish popularity in Japan. For one, the article says this is partially the fault of the younger generation which has embraced many Western things, including the Western-style food. Many of today’s Japanese children dislike the taste of fish, and many Japanese adults who loved the taste of fish as children do not often cook fish as adults. In addition, fish is getting more expensive and red meat is apparently much easier to cook than fish.

I was kind of like this when I was a little girl… I didn’t grow up eating fish (although for a different reason), so I didn’t really like it until a few years ago. Luckily I’m not allergic to fish like my mom is (unfortunately she loves fish, which is why we don’t torture her by making any!) I was definitely a meat and potatoes girl up until a few years ago (Son has forced me to go out and try new things that I never thought I would like) even though I am half Japanese! I know, it’s all very sad… luckily my tastes are changing and broadening… I will now eat fish, more fruits and vegetables, and things that are much spicier than anything I ever would have touched!

What do you think about this? How about my readers in Japan… do you see this trend among your neighbors and friends? Or is this all a bunch of bull? (Okay, so it was a bad attempt at a joke :P ) Although this isn’t exactly worrisome to the rest of the world, do you think this indicates a decline in the Japanese culture? As always, I love to get your comments! :D

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