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Well, voting at the Well Fed Network is over! We didn’t win in our category, although we did make it to the third place which I think is pretty darn good seeing as SushiDay has only been online for a few months!! Congratulations to Kaylin’s Kitchen who won the Best Food Blog Theme award! Also, head over to the other three awesome food blogs I was up against: Gluten-Free Girl, Everything Rachel Ray, and MeatHenge. Check out the winners in all the other categories at the Well Fed Network.

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately… and don’t really have a sushi post for you today. :( I am completely overwhelmed by school!!! I am taking a modern physics course right now which I absolutely love (I’m a dork, I know! :D ), but unfortunately it also comes with an enormous amount of work so I haven’t had time to get a sushi post together! I’ll have a couple this weekend… I promise!!!

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